Burgers and chips all round! Prince William, Duchess Catherine and their three children spotted at the local pub

It’s not always fine dining for the Cambridges.
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When we picture the royals eating, we typically think of grand banquets and fancy dinners. However, that’s not always the case – at least not for the Cambridge family.

Royal fans were delighted when the family-of-five were photographed enjoying a pub meal in Norfolk where their residence Anmer Hall is located.

Dressed in casual clothes, the Cambridges sat around a bench outside and tucked into burgers and chips and onlookers remarked that they seemed like any other family.

What’s more, the royals had no protection officers with them so they could truly keep things down to earth.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their three children, were spotted enjoying a pub meal.


“They had their pet dog, a spaniel with them, and they were all laughing. There was one particularly touching moment where one of the children got upset because their food was too hot,” a witness told The Sun.

“William was so fast to reassure them and sort them out. It was fantastic to see.”

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When it comes to food, Will and Kate have expressed their love of all sorts of dishes.

Back in 2017, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed to BBC Radio 1 that her favourite takeaway is “definitely” a curry, before adding that her husband isn’t the biggest fan of spicy food.

Prince William also revealed in May 2020 that he was introduced to Nando’s Portuguese chicken by his police protection officer.

Speaking in the BBC documentary, Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, the Duke of Cambridge mused: “Everyone loves a Nando’s,” before adding that it had been a while since he had treated himself to a burger or pitta.

“In fact, the policeman who’s on with me again [today], he’s the one who gets me the Nando’s the whole time. It’s his fault.”

The Cambridge family love their food whether they’re eating out or cooking up a storm at home.


Even the Cambridge kids have a refined palate. Prince George’s favourite meal is reportedly spaghetti carbonara and he, Charlotte and Louis have all tried their hands at making cheesy pasta, salads and pizzas just to name a few recipes.

However when it comes to a home-cooked meal, it’s usually the Duchess of Cambridge who’s in charge.

In 2016, the Duchess joked to a group of chefs that “William has to put up with my cooking most of the time,” but her husband fired back with, “It’s the reason I’m so skinny!”

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