From his royal chambers to gracing the Dior runway, Prince Nikolai of Denmark is making his mark on the high fashion world in a big way

He has covered Vogue, and he's a familiar face at Dior.
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Prince Nikolai of Denmark has the enviable looks of a captivating Disney Prince who rides in on his white stallion at the eleventh hour to whisk his damsel away.

He has flowing brown locks, piercing green eyes, a jawline that could cut glass, and a statuesque figure.

So, it’s unsurprising that Prince Nikolai garnered the attention of the high fashion industry when he was 18 years old.

Nikolai walking for Dior Homme at Paris Fashion Week.

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The oldest grandson of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, 22-year-old Nikolai is son to Prince Joachim and his ex-wife Alexandra and his official title is His Highness Prince Nikolai of Denmark, Count of Montpezat.

Nikolai walked his first show in 2018 for none other than Burberry and has walked for other distinguished fashion houses and graced the covers of world-class magazines since.

But not without his royal family’s approval and support.

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A statement released by Nikolai’s mother’s communicator, Helle Von Wildenrath Løvgreen, to the Danish publication Ekstra Bladet addressed the family’s support for the prince.

“He had the unique opportunity to partake in Christopher Biley’s most recent show for Burberry. It had been planned for a long time and he has his parents’ 100% support.

“He has gone to London and then come back home to face his responsibilities,” read the statement.

With a glamorous royal family supporting his high fashion dreams, here is how Prince Nikolai has become the princely model to watch.

The prince walking for Dior’s Menswear F/W 2020-2021.

(Credit: Getty)

How has Prince Nikolai made his mark on the runway?

As mentioned before Nikolai began his career with Burberry in 2018 at London Fashion Week, and he was signed by Cara Delevigne’s modelling agency Scoop Models soon after.

In June of that year, he started his relationship with Dior, by walking for Kim Jones’ Homme collection.

He has continued to collaborate with Dior for their pre-fall show in 2019, and again in 2020 for the brands Autumn/Winter show.

“Should not be forced into something.”

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Has Prince Nikolai landed the cover of a magazine before?

Nikolai has smouldered on the cover of Numéro Homme Netherlands, and he has snagged two Vogue covers for Ukraine Man and Czechoslovakia.

Was Prince Nikolai financially cut off by his father to pursue modelling?

To follow any public career, Nikolai had to be excused from his royal duties.

His father Prince Joachim allowed the move because he believed his son deserved the right to choose his future.

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He told Billed Bladet the reason behind his choice, saying his son “should not be forced into something.”

Nikolai also dropped out of his two-year military program at the Royal Danish Army’s Sergeant School with his parents’ support.

Although Nikolai is technically cut off from royal finances, the crown still pays for his education.

“I do not want a career as a model. I’d rather look at it as a job which can help me along the way while educating me.”

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Does Prince Nikolai want to continue modelling in the future?

While some young adults get a job at McDonalds and others attempt the slog of retail, Prince Nikolai took up modelling.

Although the prince enjoys the work, he explained to the outlet Hola that it’s not something he views as a career, but a means to an end while at university.

“I do not want a career as a model. I’d rather look at it as a job which can help me along the way while educating me,” he said.

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