Prince Harry surprises diners after stopping off at Nando’s

Clarence House confirms nude shots are of Prince Harry

Prince Harry has turned into a master of disguise! The young Prince almost went unrecognised when he stopped off for a midnight snack at Nando’s on Tuesday night.

The 29-year-old was spotted at the fast food store in Fulham, South London, following celebrations for England’s World Cup qualification victory against Poland.

Harry, who was joined by a close friend, was seen looking casual in jeans and a green polo shirt, hiding his red hair under a baseball cap.

Two body guards from Harry’s personal security team sat patiently behind him while he waited for his order of a chicken breast fillet in pitta bread with extra cheese and a side of creamy mash, according to The Mirror.

While it took a while for people to realise they were in the company of royalty, Harry hysteria soon kicked in.

“It was surreal. He was very charming and politely refused a member of staff who approached him for a picture. I was gobsmacked to see him,” one onlooker said.

“Moments after he left the restaurant clutching his dinner in a paper bag, a member of staff jumped on the bench that Harry was sitting on and shouted: ‘I’m on the Prince’s throne!’ Nobody could believe what happened,” another onlooker told The Mirror.

Prince Harry left the restaurant casually with his friend, going unnoticed again by onlookers.

It’s not the first time Harry has stopped off for a midnight Nando’s snack. He was spotted with a group of Army friends at a branch near their Hertfordshire base back in 2009.

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