Prince Harry reminisces about rare photo of mum Diana

Whilst at the Nelson Mandela Foundation today, Harry was able to get a glimpse of a rare photo of his mum and the former President together.

Prince Harry was left feeling very nostalgic today, after he was able to view some beautiful photos of his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Harry, who is in South Africa for his African royal tour, was on a tour of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, when he was given the opportunity to view some rare artefacts – documents, photos and personal belongings – from Mandela’s life.

Among these was a photograph taken of Nelson and Harry’s mother, Diana, in 1997 – just two months before her death.

The photo shows Diana smiling widely next to the former South African President, and laughing.

Harry, it was reported, was immediately drawn to the image and went over to it as soon as he entered the building.

“The prince was drawn to the picture of his mother,” said foundation director, Verne Harris, “He went straight to it when he walked through the door. He wanted to know when it was taken.”

Looking at the photo, Harry commented, “Happy smiles, big smiles.”

Harry also viewed a number of other momentos of Nelson Mandela’s life, including a rugby jersey signed by Francois Pienaar, Mandela’s Nobel Peace Prize and various other documents.

Harry views the photo of his late mother with Nelson Mandela.

He picked up the photo to inspect it and check the date.

The photo Harry viewed of Diana and Nelson.

Harry also got a look at Nelson’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The Prince views various documents during the exhibition.

Harry takes a look at a Springboks shirt worn by South African captian, Francois Pienaar.

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