Prince Harry and Meghan Markle under pressure from Netflix for being too… boring?

How far will they go in the name of content?
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With Netflix champing at the bit to get their pound of flesh from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s lucrative TV deal, insiders are speculating the couple are being forced to go to extraordinary lengths to keep their bosses happy after failing to produce worthy content.

Last week, sources in UK magazine Heat revealed the pair were considering renewing their vows in the US, more than four years after their $50 million Windsor wedding.

The pair were married in 2018.

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But the more sceptical among royal experts have hinted that if the reports are true, it might be the couple’s attempt to film some must-see footage for their upcoming Netflix documentary series.

“It will be a second honeymoon, too, I’m told,” says Harry’s biographer Angela Levin. “I am sure Netflix will love it…”

A separate insider, speaking on the condition of anonymity, says, “Meghan and Harry have a real problem here. Either they’ve overpromised to Netflix, or Netflix overestimated just how much access they’d have to the royal family now they’re out on their own.

Their first child was born in 2019.

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“The main interest with the Sussexes is an inside look at the Queen and other family members,” shares the source, who points out the couple’s separation from senior royals at Her Majesty’s recent jubilee might have caused issues for the streaming service’s content.

“They appear to have come back to Hollywood empty-handed of any footage or photos relevant to what their bosses need. The fact that we haven’t even seen any promotion from this partnership, even though it was announced almost two years ago now, is very telling.”

Insiders hint that the Sussexes are scrambling and will likely be forced to stage something intimate for the Netflix series, which has been perpetually in production.

Indeed, it’s not the first time the couple have been embroiled in a marital scandal.

What will they do next for the streaming service?

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Meghan, 41, and Harry, 37 came under fire last year when they startlingly claimed they were actually married in a private ceremony in their yard at Kensington Palace ahead

of the globally televised event at St George’s Chapel.

“You know, three days before our wedding, we got married. Nobody knows that,” she revealed on their chat with Oprah Winfrey. “We called the archbishop and we just said, ‘This thing, this spectacle is for the world. This is just for us.'”

But the couple’s reps were forced to backtrack on her sensational announcement when their wedding certificate revealed that, in the eyes of the law and the Church of England, no legitimate private ceremony took place.

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