Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan send a telling letter to a fan – but its true meaning must be read between the lines

The Duke and Duchess replied to one fan's Christmas wishes - but it wasn't any ordinary letter.
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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s decision to step back as senior royal family members rocked the world at the start of January, but the pair have ploughed forward as they the continue to tackle each twist and turn as they come.

Deciding to up and move to a brand new city at the last minute was one such feat, occurring shortly before flights were grounded due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pair have since settled into their new home in Los Angeles as they continue to self-isolate.

But despite what has been a very turbulent few months, the pair have still found time to share a response to some of their most loyal followers – and their latest letter tells us a lot more about how they’re fairing in their new lives.

The Duke and Duchess sent a letter that reveals a lot about their new life outside of the royal family.


Royal blogging account Gert’s Royal Replies has shared her latest correspondence with the Sussex pair, having received a reply from Harry and Meghan after she sent them wishes at Christmas.

In this year’s response, the pair sent her a “photo card”, however, it did not feature a photo, instead the simple blue H&M royal monogram sat where a picture usually would.

The message itself was also interesting to note – short but sweet, it read: “The Duke and Duchess were extremely touched by your message and send their very best wishes for the year ahead.”

Harry and Meghan shared this message with Christmas well-wishers.

(Gert’s Royal Replies)

The well-versed blogger noted a stark difference between this reply and other royal replies she regularly recieves.

“The message is interesting,” she mused.

“The message on the photocards is usually two sentences. The first sentence has their title and thanks to you for writing for that occasion. The 2nd sentence usually extends “His/Her/Their Royal Highness/es” best wishes to you.”

She noted that instead of using their HRH titles, which they’ve since agreed to stop using since they stepped back from their royal roles, it looks like they’ve avoided referencing the feat altogether by merging the message into one paragraph.

Some good detective work here!

Harry and Meghan’s response differed from other typical royal replies.


It’s also interesting to note the difference between Harry and Meghan’s reply, to the response from the Cambridge family.

Duchess Catherine recently sent out her replies to fans who wished her a happy birthday on January 9.

The 38-year-old picked the stunning image that was released by the Palace in time for her birthday at the beginning of the year to front the letter.

Inside, the message read: “The Duchess of Cambridge thanks you for taking the trouble to write on the occasion of her 38th Birthday,.”

“Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated by Her Royal Highness who sends her warmest thanks and best wishes.”

The differences between the two responses is clear, however it doesn’t come as a big surprise considering both Harry and Meghan are now beginning their new life outside of their former roles as senior royals.

Having recently moved to Los Angeles, the pair have quickly moved to doing things a little differently.

Mere weeks ago, the pair announced the new name of their foundation, Archewell, which is derived from the meaning “source of action”, and also inspired the name of their first son, Archie.

With a brand new foundation to work with, we’ll likely see some striking differences between how Meghan and Harry do things compared to the Cambridges moving forward.

But one thing is certain to remain the same – both couples care deeply for social causes, and they will no doubt continue to spearhead and support charities and initiatives that work towards a greater good.

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