Prince Harry’s awkward 21st-century dating blunder revealed

The Prince had a royally uncomfortable faux pas...
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In today’s modern dating landscape, it’s not uncommon to come across a dreaded ‘ghoster’ – even among royals, it seems.

While Prince Harry is now well known to be a proud new dad, as well as being happily married to his former actress wife Meghan Markle, there’s no denying he’s had a bit of a past with female friends.

And when you’ve got a profile like our favourite red-headed royal, the details are bound to come out eventually.

And that’s exactly what’s happened, as an explosive new report claims the Duke of Sussex once ‘ghosted’ a former friend.

Yep, even Prince Harry has employed the harsh technique which has been the peeve of hopeless romantics and one-sided friendships for many years now.

In the report by British publication The Sun, Sky Sports presenter Natalie Pinkham is revealed to have been ‘ghosted’ by Harry since he married Meghan Markle – according to her friends.

Pinkham, who was described as a platonic friend of Harry’s for years, wasn’t invited to his wedding, with a friend explaining: “She is quite rightfully miffed. She has known Harry for years and was not only his drinking buddy, but his confidante.”

When Harry started dating Meghan, their relationship, according to the friend, changed dramatically.

“It just went flat and noticeably cooled off,” they revealed.

Sounds like a classic case of ghosting – which is where a person completely stops communication with someone else with no warning.

Awkward! Did Prince Harry employ the dreaded dating technique known as ‘ghosting’?


The sudden shift in their friendship changed everything, according to the source, who said: “Their once enjoyable cosy chats and meets at gatherings virtually came to an end and Natalie says that their relationship became regulated.”

So who was to blame? Well, one might think that the biggest change of all in Harry’s life, Meghan herself, might have had a say in the matter – but Natalie is apparently torn.

“Natalie thinks that it’s hard to gauge whether it was at Meghan’s own instruction or that of over-protective courtiers at Buckingham Palace that caused the change of their friendship,” the friend explained.

And despite the seemingly harsh treatment, Natalie still thinks Meghan is good for Harry.

“Natalie feels Meghan is the sensible soulmate who will tame Harry’s wild side.”

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The shock news comes after Prince Harry was seen attending the polo in Italy over the weekend, where his good friend Nacho Figueras had only good things to say about his character.

The polo star sung the Prince’s praises after participating in the 2019 Sentebale ISPS Handa Polo Cup, which was held to “raise funds and awareness for Sentebale’s work supporting children and young people affected by HIV in southern Africa”, according to a post from Harry and Meghan’s Instagram account.

Figueras posted a moving tribute to Harry on his own Instagram page, writing: “I have been fortunate enough to spend enough time over the years to learn and understand the man he really is, a kind, generous, compassionate person who is constantly thinking about how to make the world a better place.”

He ended the sweet post by saying, “I see him do that over and over again and it is truly inspiring. I am honored to be your friend and let’s keep fighting because if we all fight together love always wins.”

Prince Harry was all smiles for the polo, held in Italy earlier in May.


And according to People, the polo star also divulged details on what Prince Harry is like as a new father to his new baby Archie.

“Being a father always changes you. He seems to be very, very happy. I think this is a very exciting part of his life. He was ready for it and I think he’s loving it.”

Ghoster or not, there’s no denying Harry’s heart is in the right place!

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