EXCLUSIVE: Royal rumble as Prince Harry and celebs battle Daily Mail in High Court

Will he force King Charles and Queen Camilla to testify?
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As far as pre-trial hearings go, they’re mostly low-key, with lawyers only pulling out the big guns once the real court case begins.

But when Prince Harry and his cohort of famous faces made a shock appearance for proceedings at London’s High Court last week, he clearly wanted to make sure the whole world knew he meant business in his latest battle with Britain’s press giants.

Prince Harry appeared in London’s High Court last week.

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Harry, along with Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley and actress Sadie Frost, are hoping to take Associated Newspapers, which publishes the Daily Mail, to trial over what they allege are privacy breaches, including illegally accessing bank accounts, medical records and recording phone conversations through phone tapping between 2001 and 2013.

While AN denies the claims and no witnesses were due to take the stand – meaning they didn’t need to be there – the superstar plaintiffs were keen to make global headlines about their plight.

Huge names have come out against the Mail.

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On day one, Harry, 38, who usually notably scowls at press photographers, smiled jovially for the cameras, even offering a chipper apology to a snapper he bowled over while heading into the building.

Once inside, he didn’t hold back, releasing a witness statement that slammed reporters, editors and even his own family for keeping him in the dark over the alleged phone-tapping practices.

Insiders tell Woman’s Day there’s a chance Harry “deliberately invoked his family” to set up the possibility they could be called to testify should the case go to trial.

Prince Harry surprisingly smiles for the cameras.

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“Harry is hellbent on revenge, and there would be a grim satisfaction on his part if he could force King Charles and Queen Camilla to the stand, which is something they never want to do,” says a source.

“He’s already made it clear he hates how they cooperate with the same press he believes made his life a misery, so this is his chance to get them back.

“It’s certainly going to make for an awkward conversation at the family dinner table if Harry comes back for the coronation

Will Prince Harry force his family to testify?

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