Prince George makes his Wimbledon debut and shares a precious moment with his mum, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Their mother-son bond is priceless.
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Prince George delighted onlookers when he made his first Wimbledon appearance with parents Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William.

He looked like a proper little gentleman in his navy blue suit as he watched the tournament from the Royal Box, but it was a moment caught behind the scenes that had fans smitten.

Footage from the moment Kate and her son arrived at the tennis event showed the duchess in full mum mode as she introduced George to key figures at Wimbledon.

Prince George attended Wimbledon with his parents for the first time.

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Dressed in matching navy ensembles, the mother-son duo made quite the adorable pair as Duchess Catherine led her son through shaking hands and making small talk with several officials.

The eight-year-old royal did a wonderful job, looking much like his dad as he stood tall with his hands at his sides between each introduction.

But he let his boyish glee shine through as he watched the matches with his parents, cheering and grinning as he pointed out key moments to his parents.

WATCH: Kate Middleton’s sweet moment with Prince George at Wimbledon

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And he was like a kid in a candy store when he got to meet one of the tournament’s biggest names – Novak Djokovic – after he beat Australian Nick Kyrgios in the men’s singles final.

Giving the tennis champ a cheeky thumbs up, George was even given the chance to hold his trophy, joking to Djokovic “it’s a bit heavy”.

George pointed out key moments to his dad.

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George had been hoping for Djokovic to win according to dad William, who stepped in when George shied away as reporters asked who he was backing.

“Djokovic,” he whispered to his son, before cheekliy adding: “We’ll see how long it lasts. He’ll support the winner.”

This is only the latest in a string of public outings for the young prince, who has been taking on a more forward-facing role in the royal family.

Catherine revealed why Charlotte wasn’t in attendance.

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His younger sister Charlotte has also accompanied her brother and their parents to a number of events but was noticeably absent on Sunday.

Kate addressed her daughter’s whereabouts when reporters asked where the seven-year-old was hiding, the duchess revealing “It’s George’s treat today”.

The youngster turns nine on July 22, suggesting his first ever Wimbledon visit may have been a special birthday treat.

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