Pippa who? Royal rascals Prince George & Princess Charlotte steal the show

Only Prince George and Princess Charlotte could trump a highly anticipated wedding with one single look.
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Any avid royal fan would agree that the moment Kensington Palace confirmed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s two cherubs Prince George and Princess Charlotte were going to have an official part in Pippa’s wedding – we were all destined to see something great unfold.

While they’re ridiculously cute, putting young kids in a bridal party always makes for some very amusing moments.

And the royal siblings delivered so many hilarious moments during their double-act, we almost forgot we were watching the wedding of the year.

Does anybody know that I’m the future King of England?

What does one do with these baskets?

Great responsibility comes with the job of pageboy.

But seriously, does anybody know the purpose of these baskets?


Our favourite royal tyke was the leader of the pack.

Prince George was really killing it as pageboy on his Aunty’s big day.

The growing three-year-old looked adorable in gold pants and a Peter Pan collared white shirt, and don’t even get us started on those knee-high socks.

But weddings are very long. Especially when you’re a kid with better things to do, like tip baskets upside down.

And George was less than impressed by the one hour long church ceremony. By the time he and his bridal party pals walked outside with the newly crowned Mr and Mrs James Matthews, Prince George had had enough.

Footage from the bridal party leaving the church (which you can watch in the video player above!) appears to show Prince George accidentally stepping on Pippa’s £40,000 wedding dress before Kate quickly steps in.

Kate was overwhelmed with love for her little sister on her big day…

While she’s clearly smitten with how stunning Pippa looks…

Her mum senses kick in… Something is not quite right.

By George! We have a crying Prince.

Nope, Kate isn’t having it.

A soothing head pat should fix this up.

This is the face of someone who is over it.

But Duchess Catherine wasn’t having bar of it.

Kate had admitted prior to the wedding that she was concerned that her little ones may play up.

But nothing was going to ruin her little sister’s big day.

So Catherine switched into mum mode to give her son a right royal telling off… And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Kate have stern words with her first-born.

Our favourite scolding has to be during Princess Charlotte’s christening in 2015.

Mum, I did not agree to these conditions.

But the memory of mum getting angry isn’t worth making a fuss…

Who can forget when Wills and Kate had to pull George into line during Charlotte’s christening.

Or watching dad at the polo?

The three-year-old tries to play with his sister.

But the princess is not interested.

The talking to from mum didn’t take too long and soon enough, our favourite Prince resumed his unimpressed stance.

And George wasn’t the only pageboy acting out.

One of his fellow pageboys was snapped making a rather rude finger gesture and poking his tongue out, while Duchess Catherine stood behind him.

By the look on Kate’s face, we’re guessing it didn’t go down very well.

Princess Charlotte, however, was simply divine as a bridesmaid.

Being the official mother hen is a tough gig.

While the Duchess handled the responsibility with grace…

One pageboy had other things on his mind. It could be an innocent mistake but in the UK the “V sign” is viewed as an “obscene gesture.”

And the look on Kate’s face shows that she’s less than impressed.

Thankfully her daughter Charlotte proved to be the bridal party’s MVP.

The two-year-old Princess stole her Aunty’s thunder, dressed in a bespoke outfit by designer Pepa & Co the two-year-old won hearts around the world.

Charlotte was a vision in a sweet ivory dress with a dusty pink bow detail, completed with the most perfect flower crown.

While the youngster was on her best behaviour during the ceremony, she did have a moment where it all became a bit too much.

Prince George quickly came to his crying sister’s aid, distracting her with a floral wreath.

The reigning cherub!

Charlotte is so sweet as her mum tells her it’s time to be very quiet for the ceremony.

As Kate takes her seat, Charlotte realises the importance of her role.

George comes up with the sweetest solution to his sister’s tears…

Focus on the flowers, Charlotte!

This is the first time we’ve seen the siblings this year, and it appears George’s boisterous nature has rubbed off on Charlotte.

Kate, who revealed the siblings are “really good friends”, was in stitches from her daughter’s antics before entering the church.

And the Duchess’ description of Charlotte being the “one in charge” shone through.

The sassy two-year-old clearly was vying for head bridesmaid, showing up everyone else with her sweet smiles and adorable poses.

Princess Charlotte proved that she may be fourth in line to the throne but nothing is beneath her.

The royal discovered she could amuse herself by licking her flower basket.

And we salute her for it!

Chat time with mum seems to be a favourite past-time among the Cambridge kids.

The ultimate little flower princess.

Kate was so impressed by her two-year-old.

Look at her sweet face.

Hmm… Wonder if this basket is tasty?

Yep, it’s delish.

It will come as no surprise that many comparisons have been made of the next generation of royal kids looking just like their famous parents.

Charlotte has inherited her mummy’s signature brunette locks and delicate features, while Prince George is the spitting image of his famous dad.

And it turns out he’s following in his footsteps too!

Three decades ago, a Prince William stepped into the role of pageboy for his uncle Prince Andrew’s nuptials to Sarah Ferguson.

The year was 1986, dressed in a sailor’s outfit, the young chap showed us where George gets his bemused expression from.

Reports from the time revealed that Prince William was especially naughty, pulling faces, poking out his tongue and yawning throughout the proceedings.

David Dimbleby commented during the live broadcast that Wills looked “rather doubtful and rather cross”.

William got a do-over in 1988 where he was the perfect gentlemen stepping into his role at the wedding of Camilla Dunne and Rupert Soames, a grandson of former U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

We see where Charlotte gets her sweet locks and pretty smile.

William served as a page boy at the 1988 wedding of Camilla Dunne and Rupert Soames, a grandson of former U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Just like dad! George reminds us so much of William when he was a pageboy.

Royal carriage waves may be something we see at this year’s trooping, for now George has his hand ready for the car window.

Royal pats have been a remedy for cheeky princes since the ’80s! William was the pageboy at his uncle Prince Andrew’s wedding to Sarah Ferguson back in 1986. Dressed in a sailor outfit, he gets some love from granny, The Queen.

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