Princess Charlotte had the sweetest reaction to meeting Sir David Attenborough in NEW royal pic

We are all Charlotte.
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If you’d ever thought the British royals were entirely unrelateable, you might want to take a look at the latest picture of the soon-to-be King and Queen of England and their three children.

In a surprise photocall that took place earlier in September, the Cambridge family, helmed by Prince William and Duchess Catherine, met British legend (actually, global legend –

let’s be honest) Sir David Attenburough – and the magnitude of said event was rather, er, evident.

The family welcomed the British naturalist David into their London home Kensington Palace on September 24 after a casual day at school for Wills and Kate’s two eldest children, Prince George, seven, and Princess Charlotte, five. Two-year-old Prince Louis also joined in the special meeting.

What happened when Sir David stepped into the family’s garden was blissfully caught entirely on camera, and let’s just say… we’re all Charlotte in this circumstance.

Sir David Attenborough joined the royals in the garden of their home in Kensington Palace.

(EPA / Kensington Palace / via AAP)

The the glorious new image, Princess Charlotte’s glee is plain to see.

She stands next to her mother holding her face and looking overwhelmed with excitement.

The rest of the picture also reads something like a viral meme (it’s probably already become one, now we think of it).

Prince George looks poised, yet still rather pleased with the whole situation, Wills gazes fondly at David with the kind of adoration absolutely all of us feel for the bloke who may as well be the world’s collective Granddad.

Kate is laughing excitedly, likely fuelled by her daughter’s rather strong reaction… and Louis? Well, let’s just say his meeting Sir David ain’t nothing but a thing for the wee one.

He’s sort of just staring in the opposite direction – though we’re pretty sure he’s thrilled on the inside… surely?

We’ve got several degrees of excitement here…

(EPA / Kensington Palace / via AAP)

The meeting came after Prince William attended an outdoor screening for the British Knight’s upcoming feature film David Attenborough: A Life on our Planet.

According to a report by The Times, Sir David described his impromtu meeting with the royals as “charming”, and he even had a unique gift for George – a fossil tooth from a giant shark.

“When I was his age, I remember being given fossils by a grown-up, so I thought I would do the same,” David explained.

Apparently, George was very intrigued, asking the environmentally minded documentary maker how big it originally was.

“He was certainly very interested. He seemed to like it. He is very interested in fossils. She [Charlotte] was too. All three seemed charming.”

William and Kate were just as excited to meet Sir David.

(EPA / Kensington Palace / via AAP)

For the occasion, the ever stylish Duchess wore a denim shirt dress, which featured a belt at the waist and a midi hemline.

The peak transeasonal style was designed by New York creative Gabriella Hearst – the perfect look for that in-between weather the UK (and us Down Under!) are currently experiencing.

The rest of the family also matched up like clockwork in various shades of blue – an ever royal-friendly colour for the regal bunch.

And incidentally, Sir David also just so happened to be sporting a fetching blue suit ensemble.

It really was meant to be…

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