Prince Charles turned to First Lady Reagan following the downfall of his marriage

The demise of Prince Charles' marriage to Princess Diana shattered the palace and now new letters reveal his heartbreaking anguish.
Prince Charles, Princess Diana

The controversial tapes detail Princess Diana's "odd" sex life with Prince Charles.

It was the wedding that halted the entire world in their tracks.

In 1981 Diana Spencer became the people’s princess when she married the Prince of Wales, Charles.

Sadly, their tale was not one as old as time and their fairytale ended in divorce years later in 1996.

Diana married Charles in 1981.

The couple ultimately called it a day in 1996.

Now, letters from that trialing time have been uncovered detailing Queen Elizabeth’s son’s struggle during that time.

In a surprise move, Prince Charles turned to former US First Lady Nancy Reagan.

The pair were dear friends for over 40 years, often writing each other until her passing in 2016.

Ronald Reagan’s former chief of staff, Joanne Drake, revealed, “President and Mrs Reagan really valued their friendship with the Royal family, especially The Prince of Wales.”

Charles likened the downfall of his marriage to a “Greek tragedy”.

British publication The Mail on Sunday shared an excerpt from one of his letters.

Prince William’s father penned the note on June 21, 1992, just days after Andrew Morton’s book Diana: Her True Story, was released.

Calling her “My Dear Nancy”, Charles penned, “No one can really understand what it all means until it happens to you, which is why it all keeps getting worse and worse.”

“One day I will tell you the whole story. It is a kind of Greek tragedy and would certainly make a very good play!”

“[It is] so awful that very few people who haven’t been witnesses would believe it,” he wrote.

The Royal Couple visited Washington on 9th November, 1985.

The letters between Nancy and Charles are a piece of history.

In another letter, which Prince Charles sent before his 10th wedding anniversary, he confided, “There are a whole series of ghastly books coming out. You can imagine what they will contain.”

Charles also turned to the President’s wife following the passing of the Queen Mother back in 2002.

“I fear it has not been very easy to cope of late,” he admitted. “I have dreaded her eventual departure and now she leaves an enormous chasm in my life.”

“However, she also leaves behind the most wonderful legacy of unbelievably happy memories… Oh, how we shall all miss her and everything she stood for…”

The letters, which were a part of Mrs Reagan’s private collection, have been released to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library.

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