“She’s the one!” Meghan Markle is officially moving into Kensington Palace

Now that she's touched down into London town, everything is falling into place.
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We think it is safe to say that we’re hop, skip, and a jump away from Prince Harry’s happily ever after now that Meghan Markle has arrived in London.

It has been confirmed by multiple sources and eye witness that the 36-year-old is in the royal’s hometown – and now a series of events have been set in motion… Ahem royal engagement

The California local has officially wrapped up filming her stint on Suits, giving Meghan the chance to focus on her next chapter with her leading man.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Harry and Meghan have now been dating for over a year.

Her big leap across the pond definitely is a move that has paid off… And we’re all hearing wedding bells as a result.

“Harry has made no secret of the fact that he wants to marry her,” a source told People.

“She is the one.”

There has been a lot of speculation of where Meghan Markle will live.

Palace insiders seem to think Megs and Harry have a very modern approach to love, with the actress set to live with the royal.

Kensington Palace is also home to Prince William and Duchess Kate.

It is expected she’ll move into his two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage.

The staff at the Kensington Palace apartment are already familiar with Meghan.

And Harry couldn’t be more excited.

In fact, one of his pals admitted that Prince William’s little brother has been making changes to help make his apartment more “girlfriend-friendly”.

“It’s not a question of if she’s moving in,” they shared at the time, “it’s just a matter of when.”

Meghan’s mum is also set to make the big move with her daughter.

Meghan Markle’s big move to London seems to be going rather efficiently – the actress is completely out of her Toronoto apartment.

“Meghan has officially moved out of her Toronto apartment. Movers were seen there yesterday and today,” a pal shared with Us Weekly.

“Meghan’s furniture from her Toronto home will be going into storage and her personal belongings are being sent to the UK.”

“With Suits over, so is Meghan’s life in Toronto,” they remarked.

“It’s the end of a really precious era so she’s definitely sad to see it come to an end, but she’s also really excited about starting a new chapter with [Prince] Harry.”

Her other two leading boys, her pooches Guy the beagle and a labrador-shepherd named Bogart, are also making their way to be with Megs.

A pal dished that they’re currently with her mum Doria Ragland.

“[They’re in] L.A. temporary while she settles in the UK and then they’ll make a permanent move her.”

Doria is also set to relocate to London to be closer to her daughter and her son-in-law.

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