A royal spectacle! Rare new photos of the Tindall children on a day out reveal how much they’ve grown up

Zara and Mike's brood are growing up way too quickly for our liking!
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When one thinks back to their childhood, it would be safe to assume at least one clear memory of a fun day out with Grandma will come straight to mind.

For the royal family, those days are happening as we speak, and Princess Anne is case and point.

In a rare moment, the royal gran has been photographed spending a fun day out with her grandchildren and daughter, and we can’t help but feel some nostalgia after seeing what the tight-knit family got up to.

On Saturday, August 3, the royals were spotted attending the Gatcombe Festival of Eventing in Gloucestershire.

Both Zara and her husband Mike Tindall attended with their two children Mia, five, and one-year-old Lena.

Cousins Savannah and Isla Phillips also came along with the family to the two-day event.

But there was another special guest who made the day an ultimate spectacle – Princess Anne.

How grown up is little Mia! She’s pictured next to Princess Anne from the left. Savannah and Isla Phillips are also pictured.


In the candid images, Anne is seen with her young grandchildren, with some special moments between the girls and their granny captured.

And something we couldn’t quite get our heads around was how grown up Mia, Savannah and Isla have become!

How fun – granny Anne looked to be having a grand old time with her grandchildren.


The day also gave us a rare glimpse of little Lena, born just last year and who is already looking so grown up.

Wearing an adorable set of pink dungarees, the young royal was seen prancing around having a jolly old time.

We can’t stop staring at these adorable new pics – how time flies!

How grown up is little Lena looking these days!


Cutest. Royal. Ever.


Mike was seen in full dad mode, holding little Lena on his shoulders so she could get the best view possible.

The two-day event featured a number of exciting sights for the kids to see, including horses and racing.

Cute! Lena get’s a fantastic view from her dad Mike’s shoulders.


Older sister Mia had her own fun at the festival, making quite the fashion statement by getting her face painted with a bright unicorn-esque artwork.

She definitely suits it!

Mia is giving us all the inspiration for our next daytime festival look.


It’s incredible to see the royal children looking so grown up already.

It was only last year we saw the cousins (apart from Lena) join the young Cambridges in the bridal party for Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Back then, the tricksy lot stole the show with their adorable antics.

We can’t say much has changed – they sure know how to make the ultimate spectacle.

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