EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle’s joy as her parents reunite

Prince Harry may have hinted at a bitter rift, but Meghan couldn’t be happier to have her family rally around as she prepares for her happily-ever-after.
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With her parents Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle Sr having split when she was six years old, Meghan Markle is used to celebrating special occasions with one parent missing.

It’s a fact Prince Harry alluded to in a recent interview, stunning fans with what appeared to be a dig at Meghan’s broken-family background.

Raving about his fiancee’s first Christmas with the royals, the 33-year-old prince said, “It’s the family that I suppose she’s never had.”

But now that all appears to have changed – because in the lead-up to her fairytale wedding, Meghan is thrilled to have seen her parents speaking for the first time in years!

According to a source close to the former Suits star, “There hasn’t been a lot of warmth over the years between Doria and Thomas.”

But their 36-year-old daughter’s upcoming nuptials have seen them put aside their differences and become close once more.

“There’s regular communication now,” says our source.

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Thomas, pictured with a newborn Meghan, like Doria is still close to the royal-in-waiting.

“Doria and Thomas have bonded over their shared love of Harry, and relations between them have improved no end. Of course that’s going to make Meghan incredibly happy.”

As Woman’s Day has previously reported, Meghan has been bitterly disappointed that various family members and childhood friends have given explosive interviews and shared private photos from her past.

And our source says putting a stop to any further embarrassing secrets leaking is yet another thing Doria and Thomas have reunited over.

They’re also leaning on each other as the big day approaches.

Doria and her ex-husband are joining forces to help support Meghan as she prepares to marry on the world’s stage.

“The royal wedding is going to be pretty intimidating for them both, not only because it’s going to be a big media frenzy but also because there are 
so many rules and regulations that they know nothing about,” says the source.

“It’s no surprise they’d want to stick together to navigate this.”

“Doria and Tom are getting along great and everything between them is just happy and positive. They couldn’t be more excited for their girl.”

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