Stop everything because you’re invited to Meghan Markle’s Bachelorette Party

Harry's Buck's Night is just one week later, so you'd better clear your schedules.
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Our girl Meghan Markle and Prince ‘Bunga Bunga’ Harry have finally announced they are getting hitched.

The Royal couples engagement ring is perfect, their first interview together melted hearts around the world and now we’re all invited to their Bachelorette and Bucks night parties – well, sort of.

Ladies and gentleman, we have been blessed with Facebook invitations to both Meghan Markle’s Bachelorette Party and Prince Harry’s Stag Do.

So we, of course, assume it is 100% official and legitimate cough.

The invitation on Facebook.

According to the Facebook invites Meghan’s Bachelorette Party is set to be hosted somewhere around Hollywood Boulevard, with date, time, exact location and attendees still to be decided.

537 people have confirmed they are ‘attending’ and 1.1K have said they are interested in the event.

“I’d say Meg loves a gin,” said one commenter.

“I’ll bring penis straws and L plates!” said another.

The invitation on Facebook.

Prince Harry’s Stag Do is set to be a little wilder, taking place at Buckingham Palace a week later.

While Meghan hasn’t yet broken 1000 yes RSVPs, Haz can already boast an impressive 18,000 attendees to his big night.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” said one commentator.

He may have reformed his image, but clearly, Harry’s reputation as a party prince has paid off.

Look, we know it’s not real but let us dream.

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