Amal Clooney tells Duchess Meghan: ‘Come stay with me!’

Days after her son's birth, the overwhelmed new mum is seeking refuge at the Clooney's hideaway.
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In the days after the arrival of one’s first child, there can be a rollercoaster of emotions from joy to an overwhelming amount of stress, and no couple knows that more than the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

But the heightened attention surrounding their newborn son, growing family rifts and intense scrutiny over their marriage have proven all too much for new mum Meghan, with a royal insider believing she’s chosen to flee Frogmore Cottage for a more private hideaway in the country.

One palace insider reveals, “It’s no secret that Meghan and Harry have been struggling behind the scenes and Meghan was feeling incredibly suffocated and claustrophobic living in her and Harry’s tiny cottage at Windsor.

“She just wants to enjoy this precious time with her baby boy and not have to worry about pleasing royal watchers.”

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All too much

And the place Meghan, 37, has sought solace from the royal spotlight is none other than her good friend Amal Clooney’s Berkshire estate, a sprawling property in the countryside that’s secure and, most importantly, far away from royal prying eyes.

“Meghan got more wound up as the pregnancy went on and she had weighed up the option of staying at Amal’s,” our source says. “But it all just got too much for her and she decided to take her friend up on her offer. Harry’s been devastated since she decided they should leave Frogmore Cottage.”

Indeed, Harry, 34, has been on cloud nine since he finally became a father on May 6, and in the weeks before the birth, was doing everything he could to please his American wife – including moving away from Kensington Palace amid reports of a feud with his brother Prince William and renovating Frogmore Cottage in Windsor for his new family.

Meghan has sought solace from the royal spotlight at Amal Clooney’s Berkshire estate.(Image: Getty Images)

But it seems Harry’s efforts have been in vain, with rebellious Meghan calling the shots on their baby son Archie.

“He’s begged her to move back and at least try to adjust to life at Frogmore, but Meghan insists that she needs complete privacy and seclusion, which she doesn’t have at Windsor,” explains our royal insider.

“And she can’t be spied on and watched at Amal’s.”

And with the human rights barrister and husband George away in LA, Meghan has free rein of the house – including a private wing.

“Meghan has her own kitchen, a little gym she’s turned into her private yoga studio and she even has a little nursery set up, too,” the source continues. “Amal’s kept all their barely-worn baby clothes and handmade Italian crib and furniture, so Meghan has everything she needs to relax and enjoy her baby.”

The Clooneys’ country mansion offers the new mum all the comforts – and plenty of privacy. (Images: Getty Images)

Nanny on hand

Mum-of-twins Amal has certainly gone above and beyond to help her good friend feel at home, even leaving her house staff to wait on the duchess whenever she needs and extending the invitation to Meghan’s mum Doria Ragland.

“Amal even offered to jet in the twins’ nanny, Connie Simpson, to be on hand if Meghan wants a break,” the insider says.

“Right now Meghan is just enjoying how secluded the estate is, and having the freedom of taking long walks through the gardens without worrying about people watching her.”

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