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EXCLUSIVE: George and Amal Clooney tipped to be godparents to Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's baby

''They won't hesitate to say yes!''

There's no shortage of baby rumours surrounding Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry at the moment, with some royal spectators even tipping who the bubs godparents will be.
In fact, sources believe the godparents will be pretty famous - George and Amal Clooney!
George and Amal Clooney are good friends with the royal couple, attending Meghan and Harry's wedding in May.
"Harry and Meghan know the power couple will be amazing," says an insider, who adds they're set to ask them any day now.
"They won't hesitate to say yes!"
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It's no royal secret that the two couples are close. The Clooney's made a big impression at the royal wedding back in May, with many citing them as the best dressed on the day.
And just last month Meghan and Harry joined the Clooneys for a holiday at Lake Como.
Fans are on high alert for an announcement that a royal baby is on the way.
Italian magazine Chi stated that the Clooneys young twins Alexander and Ella also were there, with the Duchess helping look after the little ones.
George and Harry also bonded "playing sports games, including basketball," according to the publication.
According to People "Meghan and Amal have known each other for a while," after reportedly being introduced by a mutual friend. The two bonded over shared interests.
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