Meghan Markle exposed: ‘It’s all been one big act!’

Duchess Meghan’s true colours shine through as her biggest meltdown yet is caught on tape!
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The Duchess of Sussex’s fall from grace has reached a new low, with rumours surfacing royal aides have a secret recording of her ranting about Prince William and Kate.

According to palace sources, Meghan, 37, is furious her unborn child is unlikely to receive a His or Her Royal Highness title like the Cambridges’ three children.

This latest in a spate of supposed meltdowns is further proof to many the former actress is now showing her “true colours” and her behaviour until now has been “one big act”. It also implies Meghan marrying into the royal family was always part of her grand plan to become a huge star.

Lord or lady

With less than three months until Meghan’s due date, the Queen has yet to decree whether Prince Harry and Meghan’s offspring will be given an HRH title, with palace insiders tipping their kids will be lords and ladies rather than princes or princesses.

This is in stark contrast to the Queen announcing William and Kate’s offspring would all be bestowed with HRH titles while she was six months pregnant with Prince George.

“Meghan can’t believe their children are being snubbed like this,” says a source.

“She feels she’s being punished by the royal family for not fitting in as perfectly as everyone wanted her to, but she refuses to conform to stuffy palace politics.

A royal snub: It’s believed Baby Sussex will be dubbed Lord or Lady, instead of Prince or Princess. (Image: Getty)

“There’s also a lot of jealousy on Meghan’s part about how the household staff fawn all over Kate and have a barely concealed disdain for Meghan.”

It’s this undercurrent of workers’ rebellion in the palace that has, according to insiders, possibly resulted in a staffer recording Meghan.

“No one’s sure if it’s true that such a recording exists, but the gossip mill’s in overdrive. There would be plenty of people who’d love to expose what she’s really like,” says a source.

“Apparently her meltdown over the royal titles was pretty spectacular, and it focused a lot on her true feelings about Kate.

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“Word is she’s demanding Harry has it out with William once and for all so they can re-establish their dominance.”

Perhaps worst of all for the duchess is that recordings of her meltdown come at a time when she’s already under scrutiny.

Now naysayers are convinced they were right about her all along, and that beguiling Harry was a plot to become a worldwide phenomenon.

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Meghan wants her and Harry’s children to be given the same titles as the Cambridge kids. (Image: Getty)

Smart goals

A source describing themselves as “an acquaintance” recently spilled that, “Meghan’s goal was always to become a household name. She’s insanely smart and poised but very, very guarded. She’s not a person you can actually become friends with.”

Unfortunately for Meghan, even though she’s got her very own HRH title now – she still isn’t being accepted by the senior royals.

According to our insider, she suffered an incredibly deliberate snub by her new sister-in-law just last week that left her further incensed.

“Kate had a gathering for her 37th birthday at Kensington Palace,” a source reveals.

“It was her, William, the kids, her mum, dad, sister Pippa and husband [James Matthews]. Harry and Meghan were not invited, which she deemed humiliating.

Cold shoulder: Kate didn’t invite Meghan to her birthday celebrations. (Image: Matt Porteous / PA / Kensington Palace)

“Even though they don’t get on, the Queen and Prince Charles had asked that they make a good public show of trying to make nice. Poor Kate was so nervous about her own birthday and how to handle the family drama she was almost in tears.”

An insider revealed to a US magazine that it’s William – not Kate – who Meghan should be ranting about. “Harry desperately wants his wife to be happy and finds it difficult to say no to her. William feels she is tearing the royal family apart,” a source said.

Leading royal commentators predict things will only get worse between the brothers and their wives. Lady Colin Campbell – a close friend of the boys’ late mum Princess Diana – claims in a new documentary “Harry is beguiled by Meghan” and adds she has “considerably changed him”.

“William was quite concerned that the relationship had moved so quickly and being close to Harry, probably the only person close enough to voice his concern,” says royal author Katie Nicholl.

“What was meant as well-intended brotherly advice just riled Harry. He saw that as criticism. I don’t think things have been quite right ever since.”

“Poor Kate was so nervous about her own birthday and how to handle the family drama she was almost in tears.” (Image: Getty)

Meghan’s desperate bid for an Oscar

She was rumoured to be making a return to Suits, but Woman’s Day hears Meghan has bigger plans for her grand Hollywood comeback – she wants to win an Academy Award.

“It’s always been her secret ambition,” reveals a source.

In December, Meghan’s former showbiz agent Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne confirmed that Meghan had plans to return to acting.

“I’m sure she’ll make a movie again,” Gina said.

However, it’s believed William is firmly against the idea.

“Harry is fully supportive but William thinks it’s tacky,” says a source. “He knows he’d have the support of the Queen in this opinion.

“Everyone’s worried this will spark a new chapter in Harry and William’s clash over Meghan.”

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