REVEALED: The real reason Meghan Markle named her son Archie emerges – and it’s left fans gobsmacked

A piece of Meghan's past gave her some unexpected naming inspiration, it seems.
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Well this was unexpected.

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced the name of their newborn son as Archie, we were besotted and intrigued – where did the name come from? Was it referencing someone? Our questions were endless.

But now, the real reason has emerged, and suffice to say we’re gobsmacked.

Indeed according to a new report, a detail from Meghan’s past gave her all the naming inspiration she needed – her cat.

Yep, you read that right. Meghan previously owned a moggie named Archie, and according to UK publication The Sun, Meghan’s pals believe this is the real reason she gave her son the name.

Speaking to the publication, a friend revealed that Meghan’s mum Doria Ragland rescued the cat and he henceforth became an “important part of the household”.

“Meghan loved playing with him and she was always talking about him to her friends,” they explained.

“It’s no surprise she named her new baby Archie. She loved that cat.”

The friend also added that Archie the cat had become quite fat after being fed too many frozen grapes (now that’s an odd visual), and sadly passed away while Meghan was at college in Illinois.

That was unexpected! Archie is reportedly named after a very special pet belonging to Meghan. (Image: Dominic Lipinski / PA / AAP)

Meghan certainly has a fondness for the furry creatures! (Image: Getty)

In another revelation, it was revealed that Meghan was also “obsessed” with the antics of the comics pertaining to the ginger-haired Archie Andrews adventures.

“She would spend her weekends going to vintage stores to buy the comics,” the friend said.

The pal added that naming her first son Archie could also have been a subtle nod to her now-estranged dad, Thomas Markle, who apparently instilled her love for the comics in her.

“He would drive her around and also surprise her with vintage volumes. She had at least 100.”

So could this be a way to make amends with him? Quite possibly, according to Meghan’s friend.

“This may be a way to reach out to her dad, even after all that’s happened.”

Archie’s name might have been a subtle way for Meghan to make amends with her estranged father, according to a friend. (Images: Getty, GMA)

And Thomas has already shared his thoughts about baby Archie, telling The Sun earlier this week: “I am proud that my new grandson is born into the British royal family and I am sure that he will grow up to serve the crown and the people of Britain with grace, dignity, and honour.”

Meanwhile, Meghan’s sister Samantha has also shared a surprise statement following the birth of her nephew, telling DailyMailTV, “Family is family. What I think is incredible is that it’s a great moment historically and although the adults have a lot of water under the bridge, I would really like to see everyone reach out.”

Both Samantha and Thomas made many scathing comments about Meghan in the lead up to and following her royal wedding to Harry back in May 2018, with Thomas pulling out of attending the big day at the eleventh hour.

But since then Thomas in particular has plead for his daughter’s attention, even issuing an apology on live television

“I cried about it and I regretted it because I really wanted to walk my daughter down the aisle,” he said.

Watch his interview in the player below. Story continues after video…

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Meanwhile, a young New Zealand boy has also claimed he’s the reason for the couple choosing the name Archie.

Speaking to Sunrise, the young boy, who is also named Archie, said he met Harry and Meghan while they were on a walkabout during their New Zealand tour in 2018.

Upon telling Harry his name was Archie, Harry reportedly replied to him: “Archie? I like that name”.

According to the young boy, Harry then called Meghan over to tell her exactly that!

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Whether the tributes to the above options are true remains to be confirmed by the couple themselves.

Meanwhile, Archie’s middle name Harrison is believed to have been picked due to it’s meaning ‘Harry’s son’ – very appropriate!

The name is also common in the US, to which Meghan might have found a connection with given her background.

Wherever the name Archie came from, we still think it’s pretty cute! (Image: Dominic Lipinski / PA / AAP)

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