EXCLUSIVE: Will Lady Louise Windsor be using the title of ‘princess’ now she’s 18? Insiders reveal royal’s plan

She'll become an important member of The Firm.
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Lady Louise Windsor’s 18th birthday last week marked a milestone moment: the young royal is finally able to call herself a princess!

But as the daughter of Sophie and Edward, the Countess and Earl of Wessex, celebrated with a private family dinner and a Zoom call with her grandmother the Queen, it was quietly acknowledged that she would not use this significant occasion to adopt the title she is entitled to use.

Earlier this year Sophie told The Sunday Times that she thought it was “highly unlikely” Louise, or her 13-year-old brother James would use their HRH titles on becoming adults.

Lady Louise Windsor celebrated her 18th birthday last week.


Despite this, Louise is still being prepped to become an increasingly important member of The Firm.

“There’s no doubt Lady Louise is a shining light for the royal family and the Queen sees her as a very important part of her legacy,” says a palace insider.

“While a lot hinges on her exam results, Louise’s temperament and extreme calm under pressure has proven invaluable over the past years.

Kate and Wills adore her and she’s had the ear of the Queen since she was 16.”

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With minimal interest in partying around the world on a gap year like many members of the young royal set, Lady Louise, who is in her last year at school, is looking at all university options.

“She’s got a natural instinct for politics and always manages to come up with a new angle to situations that not even William’s thought of,” says the insider.

“But whatever path she chooses, she’s proven herself loyal to the family.

“She’s watched and learned, and she’s going to prove invaluable to the next generation of royals. Using the title of princess isn’t a priority for her at the moment.”

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