‘Don’t ruin my day’: King Charles pleads for his sons to keep the peace on coronation day

The King fears his warring sons may overshadow his coronation.
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He’s been waiting his whole life for this moment. And sources say a nervous King Charles has made a desperate plea to his warring sons William and Harry to put aside their differences – if only just for the coronation.

“We know from Harry’s book Spare that the King begged his sons not to make his last years a misery, and he will be hoping they can call a truce for the biggest day of his life,” royal expert Phil Dampier tells Woman’s Day.

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According to Phil, Charles will have spoken to William, 40, and asked him to be civil with his brother if and when they meet face-to-face.

“In public they will both be on their best behaviour when the eyes of the world will be on them,” he says. “But outside, or in unguarded moments, everyone will be looking at the body language between them, as well as between Kate and Harry.”

So keen is Charles, 74, to avoid any fallout from the ongoing family feud on 
the day, that he’s bent over backwards to accommodate Harry, despite all he has thrown at the royal family.

“I’m sure Charles is deeply hurt by some of the things Harry and Meghan have said and done, as is William,” says Phil.

“But Charles is taking a leaf out of his mother’s book and is trying not to pour flames on the oil.”

And the royal expert is convinced William will grant his father’s wish. “I think William will bite his lip and play along with a show of unity for the sake of his father, Camilla and the monarchy in general,” he says.

King Charles is hoping his two boys will be able to call a truce on his big day.

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But Phil doesn’t see “any possibility” of peace talks between William and Harry, 38, during his flying visit to the UK.

“William will avoid any meaningful discussions and make sure he is in the presence of others so that nothing he says is taken out of context,” he predicts.

“He just doesn’t trust Harry any more, which is tragic when you consider how close they once were. Harry says he wants his family back and supports the monarchy and his country of birth, but so far he has shown it in a funny way!”

According to Phil, “Harry will need to do far more than just turn up for this momentous occasion, starting with a long period of silence from California where his family are concerned.”

Only then, he says, might there be a chance of building bridges in the future.

The two brothers were last seen together at their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II’s, funeral.

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“It will be fascinating to watch but even if the two brothers are seen shaking hands and smiling, we all know the rift between them is enormous,” says Phil.

“It will be very awkward for all concerned – and this is without Meghan! Let’s hope Charles can finally meet his destiny in style without the distraction of the fallout.”

While Phil suggests the King may offer Harry an olive branch by seating him in the front row, other reports claim he won’t be given such an honour. Indeed, Charles’ decision will be telling.

Either way, Phil says, “William will just be glad when it’s over and Harry is safely back in Montecito!”

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