King Charles calls for emergency meeting ahead of his coronation with fears of cancellation leering

His temper hasn't calmed since the pen throwing event.
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For all the goodness and wisdom instilled in King Charles by his late mother the Queen, he’s never been able to shake off his infamous short fuse.

After all, who could forget the 74-year-old throwing a leaking pen in a fit of rage in September as he signed documents in Northern Ireland soon after his mum’s death.

Our sources say that Charles’ well-known temper tantrums have continued behind the scenes as his May 6 coronation draws nearer – to the point that he’s questioned whether the historic event should even go ahead at all.

The Queen died on September 8.

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“The pressure is getting to Charles,” says a source. “He wants the coronation to be perfect, but so far, with everything going on in the family, it’s far from it. Knowing Charles, he’d rather not do the coronation at all if it’s not to his exacting standards.”


Woman’s Day understands the King called his top-ranking staff to an emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace last week, to air his wide-ranging concerns. “It dragged on for five hours or more,” says a source.

“Word is, the King was not a happy chappy.”

We’re told his court is still “totally divided” over whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be invited, with royal expert Robert Jobson last week telling Newsweek that reports of them being invited are off the mark.

“The pressure is getting to Charles.”

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“That’s not the case… there’s not been much connection [between the royals and the Sussexes],” he says.

At the crux of the issue, says our source, is “deep bitterness” from Charles’ wife Queen Consort Camilla and his eldest son Prince William’s offices over US-based Harry all but accusing them of leaking stories about his wife to the press.

“They don’t want to give Harry any more chances to make those baseless accusations,” says the insider.

Meanwhile, back in London, things are no better for the King. Netflix has announced a new drama based around his brother Prince Andrew’s infamous BBC Newsnight interview, which was a disastrous attempt at clearing his name over sexual abuse allegations.

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There are also reports the disgraced 62-year-old is considering writing a memoir, which insiders tip will only “bring the monarchy into further disrepute”.

Protesters are kicking off over the royals holding such a lavish coronation in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, and it hasn’t been helped by news that Charles and Camilla, 75, are having new throne chairs made for the event.

It’s also a question of cash.

“Charles is not taking the suggestion of replacing the monarch on the Australian $5 note very well, nor the fact that his head on the new 50 pence coin comes sans crown, unlike his mum’s version,” says the source.

“He’s starting to panic that they’re going about this coronation all wrong, and that he may well end up less popular than ever.”

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