Catherine, Princess of Wales, launches new social media account

As expected with the charitable royal, the account is being used for good.
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Catherine, Princess of Wales, has proven her popularity once again, as she’s launched a new Instagram account, which has accrued over 33,000 followers in just a few days.

And, as expected with the giving royal, the account is being used for good. The profile, under username @earlychildhood, has been set up to promote the Shaping Us campaign, which the princess has launched this week to raise awareness of the unique importance of early childhood.

The Princess of Wales chats with students at the University of Leeds as she undertakes engagements this week as part of the launch of the Shaping Us campaign.

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Launching an Instagram account for the campaign is seen as progressive in terms of the royals, but the princess has been an early adapter of using social media to further the reach of the royal’s charitable messages.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ are passionate about reaching the younger tech-savvy generation, which they undertook by launching a YouTube channel in 2020.

The Shaping Us campaign is based on Catherine’s decade of work on early childhood, undertaken with the purpose of improving lifelong mental health and wellbeing.

Catherine’s work on this area undertook a big step when in 2021 she launched The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood – an outlet to help “transform” the lives of parents and children “for generations to come”.

“My own journey into understanding the importance of early childhood actually started with adults, and not with children,” the 41-year-old said at the time of the establishment of the centre.

“It was about prevention. I wanted to understand what more we could do to help prevent some of today’s toughest social challenges, and what more we could do to help with the rising rates of poor mental health.”

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