It takes a village: Meet Kate Middleton’s Royal Baby glam squad

Just how does she do it? Well, with a lot of help!
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Overnight, the Duke and Duchess have celebrated the safe arrival of their cherubic newborn son!

Like she did with her previous two babies, Kate Middleton has once again made a glamorous debut just seven hours after giving birth on the stairs of the Lindo Wing, preened to perfection and without a single hair out of place.

Meanwhile, us mere mortals are lucky if we can leave the house with matching socks and go an entire day without spilling food on our jeans.

Seriously Kate, we salute you!

And let’s face it, if the world’s media was camped outside the hospital awaiting your departure post-birth – wouldn’t you want all the help possible to look your very best?

But don’t think for a second the 36-year-old rolled out of her birthing suite and woke up like this! Meet Kate Middleton’s trusty Royal Baby glam squad who help her look picture-perfect when she’s probably feeling anything but!

The stylist: Natasha Archer

Natasha Archer, Kate’s PA-turned-stylist, is the creative mind behind some of Kate’s most iconic looks.

The fashion-forward Brit, who is married to Getty Images Royal Photographer Chris Jackson, was spotted leaving St Mary’s St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington at around 10am London time on April 23rd, presumably to drop off a Kate’s classic red Peter pan-collared dress by Jenny Packham and nude heels.

Tash, as she’s dubbed by her friends, was reportedly on hand to help pick Kate’s polka-dot blue frock after Prince George’s birth in 2013.

The Duchess is said to admire Tash’s own personal style and gets her to order outfits online and call in looks from designers around the world.

We all need a Tash in our life!

Kate’s stylist Natasha Archer was pictured at the hospital shortly after the royal gave birth.

The blow-dry wizard: Amanda Cook Tucker

Princess perfection is all about those bouncy, blow-dried locks – a style that Duchess Catherine is the queen of!

Enter Amanda Cook-Tucker, the 36-year-old’s personal hairstylist who has once again worked her magic on the new mum inside the Lindo Wing.

Amanda has reportedly been styling Kate’s locks since 2012 and is paid a cool £300 ($AUD550) plus travel costs per blow-dry.

Want to know exactly what Amanda Cook Tucker does to Kate’s hair? Head here for the step-by-step guide.

According to reports, Amanda even got to cuddle Prince George and Princess Charlotte before their grandparents. Ahh, the perks of working for the royals!

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Meet Duchess Catherine’s hair whisperer, Amanda Cook-Tucker.

The make-up

When it comes to her make-up, Kate always opts for a natural, classic look.

And for baby number three it was no exception with the Duchess positively glowing with a soft blush on her cheeks, her trademark black eye-liner and a subtle pink gloss.

The mother-of-three has been known to do her own make-up, most notably doing a DIY job for her 2011 wedding day.

But after child birth, it’s most likely a different story!

While unconfirmed, it’s suspected make-up artist Arabella Preston may have helped Kate.

The Duchess often does her own make-up.

The super-nanny: Maria Borrallo

While not technically part of a glam squad per se, having the luxury of a super-nanny on-hand to look after Prince George, four, and Princess Charlotte, two, would certainly save Kate a few stress lines and grey hairs!

Nanny Maria is a crucial part of team Cambridge and was hired by Kensington Palace a few months before Prince George’s birth in 2013. The Spaniard was personally vetted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and has forged a close bond with the family.

Ms Borrallo comes from the finest of royal traditions being a graduate from Norland College, training ground for the nurseries of the British aristocracy.

Norland is the most prestigious nanny college in the world and Maria Theresa Borrallo’s training included special Martial Arts self-defence and “skid pan” stunt driving training to get away from paparazzi at high speed.

Nanny Maria looked after George and Charlotte at Kensington Palace while William and Catherine were at the hospital.

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