Duchess Catherine opens up about one relateable frustration she’s encountered during lockdown

The Duchess of Cambridge has been isolating at her country home in Norfolk.
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Duchess Catherine has shared a rare insight into her lockdown life as she remains isolated at her country home in Norfolk with her family – and it’s one we can all relate to.

The Duchess has remained busy throughout lockdown by taking part in a number of video calls to various organisations, charities and people directly affected by COVID-19, as she shines a light on important issues and social causes to be aware of.

Her latest video call is the perfect example. Known for her passion for children and their education, Catherine had a very special Zoom chat with a primary school – and she revealed more than they bargained for.

Speaking to students at Oak National Academy, which is an online classroom and resource hub designed by teachers in the UK, the Duchess led their regular assembly with some striking words.

“Today, I wanted to talk to you about the importance of being kind and looking after one other,” she told them.

“We all have our ups and downs especially when things change in our lives as they have in so many ways recently.”

Kate spoke with students about the hard reality of lockdown.

(Kensington Royal)

The Duchess went on to talk more about what lockdown has been like.

“It’s been a really difficult time for us all,” she commented, in a rare reference that also included her own feelings towards it.

“But it’s important to know that these feelings and frustrations are totally normal, and that they won’t last forever,” she continued.

She told the children that speaking to someone, whether it be a friend or their teacher will make them feel “that little bit better”.

Always in her element with children, the Duchess gave the students some sound advice about their struggles in lockdown.


The royal also gave the children tips on how they themselves can help their peers who might be feeling a bit up and down.

“And you can also play your part in helping others to feel better too – whether offering a friendly ear or helping someone in need,” she said.

“Small acts of kindness can go such a long way.”

Students were “thrilled” to speak with the Duchess.

(Kensington Royal)

It seemed the children had a royally good time connecting with the Duchess.

Speaking directly to some of the students, Kate spoke to eight-year-old Olivia Jackson, who showed her support for healthcare workers by baking a cake that had a centre filled with Smarties.

“That’s ingenious,” Kate replied, “Good idea!”.

The school’s principal, Matt Hood, also commented how thrilled they were to have the Duchess speak with them.

Back in April, both Catherine and her husband Prince William spoke with children at Casterton Primary Academy via video call.

The children were attending class amid the lockdown because their parents were frontline workers.

Hearing how they had spent their time doing drawings and speaking of their parents, the Duchess told them: “We are seriously impressed by all your hard work and volunteering.”

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