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Are King Frederik & Queen Mary planning a visit down under?

Aussie royal fans are keen to see the new King & Queen.
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It’s been an exciting and busy month for the Danish Royal Family, with Queen Margrethe II’s abdication, and King Frederik and Queen Mary’s subsequent ascension to the throne.

Now that things are starting to settle down, royal fans are wondering: when are Frederik and Mary heading to Australia?

The excitement surrounding the new Danish monarch has slowly started to ease since King Frederik and Queen Mary’s accession to the throne on 14 January 2024, but that doesn’t mean that the royals aren’t ramping up to participate in plenty of royal engagements.

King Frederik X has already announced the release of his book, a memoir about his life so far that mentions his original rebellion against becoming King as well as features him gushing over Queen Mary.

Additionally, Frederik has also revealed he’ll be embarking on an “official business promotional campaign in Poland”, from 31 January – 2 February 2024.

Due to her age and frailty towards the end of her reign, Queen Margrethe did not partake in many royal engagements during the last few years she was monarch, but because Frederik and Mary are still young and healthy, there’s no doubt there’s plenty more royal engagements, tours and state visits on the horizon in the near future, but what about Australia?

Frederik and Mary ascended to the throne on 14 January 2024.


According to a reader poll by Nine, 36 per cent of Australians are keen for King Frederik and Queen Mary to come to Australia on a state visit. But how likely is it to actually happen?

Denmark doesn’t necessarily have a whole-lot to do with Australia, with the majority of domestic relations between the two countries revolving around renewable energy and action on climate change.

Considering that Queen Mary was last in Australia on an official royal engagement last year which was focused on sustainability and transitioning to more green energy solutions, it is unfortunately not overly likely that the Danish royals will visit Australia on an official state visit anytime soon.

In more negative news for royal fans, now that Frederik and Mary have become King and Queen, trips down under for personal reasons are less likely to happen.

“Going from Crown Princess to Queen will see Mary’s every move scrutinised more than ever before,” 9honey‘s royal reporter explained.

“She’ll be working harder in support of her husband, the King, and will have an endlessly busy diary of official engagements both at home and abroad.”

Queen Mary, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge together.


Queen Mary last visited Australia in December 2023, where she was accompanied by her youngest children, twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine (13).

This visit was purely a personal one, with the Australian-born Queen visiting family for Christmas.

While they were here, the Danish royals maintained a relatively low profile and tried to fly under the radar, but we did get a few glimpses into what they got up to while they were down under.

During their stay in Sydney, Mary and her children climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge together and even got a snap of them at the very top. The photo was originally published to the official @bridgeclimb Instagram account, but was quickly taken down (likely to give them some privacy and security).

Queen Mary rode a bike around Sydney when she visited in April 2023.


As mentioned earlier, aside from this personal trip taken by the Tasmanian-born royal, Queen Mary was last in Australia on an official royal engagement in late April 2023. Sadly, it was a short-lived trip with Mary only visiting the city of Sydney, and staying for just a single day.

The purpose of the trip was to “participate in an event with Danish business representatives involved in the green transition in Australia, as well as visit a number of Danish-clad projects related to sustainable construction and transport.”

Mary embarked on a tour of the wider Oceania area, and also visited neighbouring countries of Vanuatu and Fiji.

One reason for such a short trip is likely to be because the now-Queen and her husband, King Frederik attended King Charles’ coronation in early May.

Prior to that official royal engagement, Mary and Frederik were joined by their entire family down under for Christmas in December 2022.

This was the first time the Danish royals returned to Australia in five years due to Covid-19, and they stayed in Tasmania where Mary is originally from.

It seems to be a trend that Mary and Frederik come down under around Christmas-time so royal fans are hoping that means they’ll be back on our shores in December, or preferably even earlier!

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