Did Duchess Camilla just borrow something from Duchess Meghan’s wardrobe?

Keeping it in the family!
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Whether it’s a mum, sister, aunty or grandma, everyone has turned to a family member for some fashion inspiration. And it seems the same goes for the royal family!

On her most recent royal engagement at Jewish Care’s Brenner Centre in east London for their 80th anniversary, Duchess Camilla sported a forest green ensemble topped off with a matching handbag by DeMellier.

But eagle-eyed royal watchers had noticed something about her outfit that they’d spotted on another young royal before.

Can you spot the matching fashion item? (Images: Getty Images)

Duchess Meghan took the same DeMellier bag on a royal visit to Cardiff in January last year, a few short months before her royal wedding to Prince Harry. Could Camilla have borrowed the accessory from her fashionable stepdaughter-in-law?

The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Sussex reportedly have quite a close bond.

According to Vanity Fair, Camilla helped Meghan by welcoming her into the family and the two “clearly really like each other,” like a “close family friend.” They added that Duchess Meghan and her royal stepmother-in-law’s relationship is described as “aces,” and is filled with “real warmth and support.”

A source also told The Mail On Sunday that, “Camilla goes out of her way to find time to spend with her, to get to know her and make her feel welcome.”

The Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Sussex have a close bond. (Image: Getty Images)

Both are champions of women’s rights- Duchess Camilla’s royal work strives to highlight the serious issue of rape and sexual assault and the importance of confidential services at rape crisis centres, which she wrote about for the Daily Mail in 2015.

And of course, Duchess Meghan has been a feminist before Prince Harry came along. Since becoming the Duchess of Sussex, she has made a passionate speech about women’s suffrage in New Zealand during her royal tour and one of her royal patronages, Smartworks, a charity that offers unemployed women with interview clothing and coaching to help with upcoming job interviews.

WATCH: Meghan Markle is a fierce feminist. Post continues…

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Meanwhile, Duchess Camilla wowed the crowds at the Jewish Care’s Brenner Centre when she chatted with the elderly residents and even joined them in a dance.

Abraham David, who danced briefly with the 71 year-old royal told the Daily Mail, “She put her hand out to mine and wanted to dance – I couldn’t believe it. I won’t sleep tonight I’m so excited.”

“It was a lovely, wonderful experience, I think I’m dreaming.”

Even the journalists who followed her couldn’t resist her charm.

Arthur Edwards, who has been snapping the royals for British paper The Sun since 1977 tweeted, “The Duchess of Cornwall visited the Jewish Care’s Brenner Centre in East London on its its 80th anniversary. She danced to “Have Nagila” a traditional Israeli folk song. The Duchess is such good fun. Never grumpy I absolutely love working with her.”

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