The explosive new documentary claims Prince Philip cheated on The Queen

In November, they will celebrate 69 years of marriage. But an explosive new documentary is set to cast a shadow over The Queen and Prince Philip’s seemingly rock solid relationship.
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The Palace are gearing up for a shocking missive of allegations as the Channel 5 documentary Inside Buckingham Palace sets to air in the UK this Wednesday.

The two-part series will reportedly explore Prince Philip’s alleged affair and his fraught relationship with his mother-in-law, The Queen Mother.

While the production doesn’t name any women in particular, it delves into The Duke Of Edinburgh’s alleged wandering eye and appetite for a good time.

As a voice over on the series explains, “Royal aids panicked as rumours grew about Philip having affairs. The affairs were denied and there was no evidence. But rumours persisted. Action was needed. In 1956 the Queen was advised to let Philip go away on a long overseas tour which should keep him out of trouble.”

So, The Queen’s husband set off on the royal yacht Britannia. But the programme alleges he had another lady on board to keep him company.

“You could say the royal marriage was on the rocks,” royal author Chris Wilson apparently explains during the docco.

Meanwhile Historian Dr Piers Brendan is believed to tell all on how Philip used to enjoy raucous parties with celebrities at a VIP gentleman’s club in Soho.

“It was an escape valve. He and the others behaved like playboys. Naked showgirls were talked about,” Dr Piers Brendan claimed.

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

This year, The Queen and Prince Philip will celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary.

To make matters worse for The Queen and Prince Philip, Inside Buckingham Palace also delves into the father-of-four’s tense dynamic with his mother-in-law, The Queen Mother.

In fact, it goes so far as to claim the now 94-year-old royal despised The Queen Mother so much that he drove her out of Buckingham Palace in the most devious way.

“It was a cold winter and Philip ordered the servants to switch off the central heating in the Queen Mum’s rooms and within a week she was gone,” Chris Wilson alleges.

Buckingham Palace are yet to officially comment on these latest wild claims.

Inside Buckingham Palace claims The Prince wasn’t very fond of The Queen Mother.

It’s certainly not the first time the couple have been rocked with a cheating drama. In the past, he has been linked to British author Daphne Du Mauriers, actress/dancer Pat Kirkwood and most scandously of all, Princess Alexandra of Kent – the Queen’s cousin.

Royal insiders claim Philip and Princess Alexandra had a secret affair spanning 20 years but the salacious theory has never been proven, nor have any other cheating allegations.

However Prince Philip has always pledged his loyalty to Her Majesty. “My job first, second and last is never to let the Queen down,” he has previously said.

The Duke Of Edinburgh, pictured on his wedding day back in 1947, has long been plagued by infidelity rumours.

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