The celebrity guests who are (or should be) attending the royal wedding

The confirmed, the unconfirmed and the downright obvious...
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When Prince William and Duchess Catherine had their fairytale wedding in 2011, the guest list was, to an extent, out of their hands. Being an heir to the throne, the threat of offending an international dignitary trumped any preference for an intimate backyard wedding with their closest pals.

But Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a little different. While they won’t be shutting down the streets of London with their commute to Westminster Abbey, that’s not to say there won’t be an appropriate amount of fanfare. The official ceremony will last an hour before the first reception kicks off with 600 of their closest friends. Around 7pm, they’ll move to the second reception, aka the real party, with just 200 — the Queen and Prince Philip are expected to take themselves off to bed before this one.

Further breaks with tradition include Meghan giving a speech, a rumoured banana cake (scandalous), and there’ll likely be more American celebrities than previous royal weddings.

Unlike big brother William, there’ll also be far less world leaders in attendance. In her pre-Harry days, Meghan was decidedly anti-Trump. With the President of the United States out of the running, the couple could hardly invite the Obamas or other leaders across the world.

So who exactly will be in attendance at the biggest wedding of the year?

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The confirmed

1. Priyanka Chopra

As one of Meghan’s best friends, Priyanka has been questioned about the wedding so much we’re surprised “Royal Wedding Informant” hasn’t been added to her Wikipedia bio yet. Expect to see the Baywatch actress in the pews.

2. Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham and Mel B have hinted strongly they’ll be there to spice up our lives with rumours the Spice Girls will actually be performing (please be true!).

Meghan wore a sweater from Posh’s collection to her engagement shoot and the designer all but confirmed she was going with the world’s most unconvincing “I don’t know” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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Meanwhile, Mel B confirmed the whole gang’s attendance ages ago, but the other Mel downplayed the official confirmation.

3. Suits cast

Meghan has undoubtedly come across the problem faced by many brides before her – which of your co-workers do you invite to the wedding? But it seems Meghan has gone ahead and invited them all.

After struggling with the very British dresscode of “dress uniform, morning coat or lounge suit”, the cast are actually being helped out by their costume department—a handy friend to have.

4. Jessica and Ben Mulroney

The term ‘best friend’ has been used to describe pretty much any woman that has more than a passing acquaintance with Meghan, but Jessica might actually be the real deal. The pair apparently grew close during Meghan’s tenure in Toronto and Jessica styled the humanitarian for the couple’s official engagement photocall. They’ve also holidayed together which everyone knows makes it real – if you can endure them in Italy, they’re wedding-worthy.

5. Survivors of the Grenfell tragedy

Last year, Grenfell Tower erupted in flames thanks to utterly inadequate cladding and killed at least 80 occupants. It was a devastating atrocity and Meghan and Harry made secret visits to offer their support and condolences in the wake of the inferno and they extended an invitation to any survivors to attend their ceremony.

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6. Fergie

The former royal was famously snubbed from Will and Kate’s wedding but she’ll definitely be at her younger nephew’s nuptials. Apparently Harry intervened to ensure she was invited to the ceremony and first reception, but she isn’t expected to be at the second reception.

7. Harry’s ex-girlfriends, Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy

Although none of Meghan’s exes scored an invite to the wedding, quite a few of Harry’s will be there. Media outlets reported they’d been ‘snubbed’ by missing out on the exclusive second reception, which seems a bit ridiculous. Who expects an invite to their ex-boyfriend’s wedding?!

Unconfirmed but not fooling anyone

8. Elton John

A good friend of the late Princess Diana, Elton cancelled concerts the weekend of the royal wedding citing “scheduling conflicts”.

9. Serena Williams

Surely a wedding with kings and queens is the perfect place to host tennis royalty? The sporting juggernaut has been close friends with Meghan for years and recently gave some sounds advice to the soon-to-be-Duchess.

“I just think it’s so important to enjoy the moment. And eat the cake—I didn’t get to eat mine at the wedding. We were just having so much fun!”

The wedding does fall during the French Open however, and apparently Serena is pretty big into the whole tennis thing? So we’ll see.

10. Millie Mackintosh

Apparently, Meghan has been friends with the Made In Chelsea star since 2016. Also on Made In Chelsea is Spencer Matthews, Pippa Middleton’s brother-in-law.

11. Nacho Figueras

Surprisingly, not a pro-wrestler but a famous Argentinian polo player.

Unconfirmed but should be invited

12. Ryan Gosling

After six years living in Canada, it seems only fair Meghan pay homage to her adopted home. May we recommend Ryan? He’s a fitting export from the Great White North. If he can’t make it, Ryan Reynolds can surely get in using the same invitation.

13. Rihanna

A reporter asked the pop sensation if she was attending the royal wedding because she’d… met Harry before? Ridiculously high standards to bag an invite it seems. Rihanna played it off as some witty repartee but isn’t that the perfect way to get us off the trail?! Forever suspicious.

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14. David Attenborough

Ahh, the world’s favourite naturalist and broadcaster. His astute observations will be invaluable during this momentous affair. If he doesn’t release a documentary with a soothing voiceover analysing the nuances of English culture, we’ll eat our hats.

The Obvious

15. Harry’s Grandmother

The groom is said to be quite fond of the matriarch. She’s affectionately known as ‘The Queen‘ and rumour has it she’ll have a starring role in the whole affair.

16. The rest of Harry’s family

Reportedly quite close as far as siblings go, William will be breaking with royal tradition to be his little brother’s best man. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will also be in the wedding party and, by now a mature one-month-old, we expect their little brother Louis will be stepping up to the plate in some way—maybe celebrant?

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17. Meghan’s family

Somewhat less well-known than the groom’s family—at least in England—the bride’s family is also attending. After suffering a heart attack last week, her father Thomas isn’t expected to make it to England for the nuptials. It’s unclear whether her mum, Doria Ragland, will walk her down the aisle, but we’re definitely hoping those glorious dreadlocks make their way down the aisle.

Definitely not going

18. Amelia Windsor

Dubbed the world’s hottest royal, Harry’s third cousin and 37th in line to the throne didn’t manage to snag an invite. The royal walks the runway for Dolce and Gabbana and is represented by the same modelling agency that discovered Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne.

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