Who are Queen Camilla’s two children?

They remain relatively out of the spotlight.
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Before she was titled the Duchess of Cornwall, before “the other woman” branding, and long before her title as Queen, Camilla Rosemary Shand married Andrew Parker Bowles and gave birth to two children.

Married for 22 years until their timely divorce in 1995, the pair had two children together, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes.

They share a strong bond.

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After the news of her affair with the at-the-time Prince Charles rapidly spread across the globe, Camilla caught everyone’s attention and it wasn’t for the better. Yet, the mother managed to keep her children away from the drama and the public’s harsh eyes.

However, as Camilla was officially crowned the Queen of the British monarchy alongside her husband, King Charles on May 6, 2023, there was be no hiding her kids from the public any longer.

Both Tom and Laura were in attendance along with their step-siblings, Prince Harry and Prince William.

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Tom Parker Bowles

Tom is Camilla’s eldest son.

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More formally known as Thomas Henry Charles Parker Bowles, he is the eldest child of Camilla and Andrew, born on December 18, 1974.

At the time of his birth, the then Prince Charles was named his godfather as he and Camilla maintained a close friendship.

Now 49 years old, Tom is a British food writer and food critic. Reportedly, he was inspired by his own mother’s cooking skills and recipes.

Tom is the author of five cookbooks and won an award in 2010 for his writings on British food, and he also appeared as a judge on the Australian cooking show, The Hot Plate in 2015.

Laura Lopes

Laura was born in 1978.

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Born on January 1, 1978 Laura Rosa Parker Bowles is a successful art curator after studying at Oxford Brookes University.

Camilla and Andrew’s second child co-founded London’s Eleven Fine Art in 2005 and worked as the gallery director for ten years.

In 2006, she married Harry Lopes in Wiltshire and gave birth to three children, Eliza and twins boys, Gus and Louis.

Now aged 46, Laura maintains a low profile aside from the honour of being a bridesmaid at Prince William and Catherine’s wedding in 2011.

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