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Queen Camilla wore the late Queen Elizabeth’s favourite crown!

Which tiaras were Queen Elizabeth's?
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Queen Camilla has been digging into the crown collection more lately and straying away from her go-to, the Greville Tiara.

Specifically, 2023 has seen a lot of the late Queen Elizabeth’s favourite crown worn by multiple members of the royal family, most notably Camilla.

Camilla had her coronation on the 6th of May 2023 at Westminster Abbey but Charles ascended to the throne the day his mother, Queen Elizabeth died on September 8, 2022.

Camilla can be referred to as Queen or Queen consort and in the event that King Charles passes before her, her title will change to Queen Dowager.

Take a look at Queen Camilla’s best tiara looks so far:


Ruby and Diamond Burmese Tiara

Queen Camilla was spotted in a gorgeous scarlet gown with King Charles III at a State Banquet for the President and First Lady of South Korea.

The tiara was first made for Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth II in the 1970s from gems that originated from the Nizam of Hyderabad tiara, a wedding gift given to her.


Diamond Diadem

Queen Camilla joined King Charles at the first State Opening of Parliament wearing one of Queen Elizabeth’s favourite crowns the Diamond Diadem.

The Diadem is also known as George IV State Diadem and has been worn by every British queen whether they reigned or were consorts.


The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

Another one of Queen Elizabeth’s favourites, Queen Camilla wore the girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara for a dinner in London.


Queen Mary’s Crown – an updated version

There was a debate about which crown Queen Camilla should wear for the coronation and after the decision was made, it sparked controversy.

Camilla wearing this crown was the first time in recent history that a coronation has used an existing crown for a consort.

The crown used was Queen Mary’s coronation crown as she was also a Queen Consort. They modified the crown to remove the stolen Koh-i-Noor diamond.


Diamond and Sapphire Tiara

For her first tiara as Queen Consort, Camilla wore this gorgeous tiara that belonged to Queen Elizabeth II given to her by her father as a wedding gift along with matching earrings and a necklace.


Greville Tiara

The Greville Tiara has quickly become Camilla’s favourite a piece bequeathed to the Queen Mother by Margaret Greville, on loan to her from Queen Elizabeth II.

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