The British royal family drowning after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s documentary

They’re worried about Meghan loyalists.

Never before has the royal family found themselves so under attack, all thanks to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s TV confessional, beamed around the world via Netflix.

It’s not the first time members of the House of Windsor have gone rogue in the media, but it’s the first time they’ve done so in the age of the internet, with armies of faceless online trolls revelling in the chaos caused by Harry and Meghan’s allegations of racism at the hands of their family.

At the time of press, King Charles, 74, had so far remained silent in the face of the couple’s claims that Meghan was made a media “scapegoat” by the rest of the family, despite security experts insisting there are “credible fears” for the safety of the monarch and the Wales family.

“Because [the Sussexes’] narrative has been attached to race to the extent it has, you could have those at the extreme end having a go at the royals,” says former head of royal protection Dai Davies.


Speaking to The Telegraph, he adds, “I think it could create a small minority who might. I think it’s a credible threat… there’s a small minority who think Meghan walks on water. I’ve always said there’s a greater risk from fixated individuals than from terrorists.”

Dai’s words have in particular chilled Catherine, 40, to the bone. “While it wasn’t their intention, Meghan and Harry have put a target on her family’s backs, and Kate’s stressed out,” admits a source, who notes she is fiercely protective of her three young children who she wants to keep safe at all costs.

Woman’s Day understands the princess has personally gone to the King to plead with him to put a stop to the Sussexes’ relentless complaining in the media.

“Harry once put out a statement saying that the intrusion into Meghan’s life was ‘not a game’ – Kate fails to see how what he’s doing to her family is any different, if not worse,” says the source.

“Kate’s at the point where she needs Charles to put out a statement of his own to stop them in their tracks. She knows Harry and Meghan have an axe to grind, but surely the notion of putting their niece and nephews in danger would be enough to end this rampage they’re on.”

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