Natalie Bassingthwaighte’s wildest storylines playing Izzy Hoyland on Neighbours

She always left us on the edge of our seats!
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Throughout its 37-year-run, Neighbours has become synonymous with tumultuous love affairs and dramatically riveting storylines.

But no character has coloured Ramsay Street with more chaos than Izzy Hoyland, the charming but manipulative schemer portrayed by Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

Best remembered for her infamous romance with Karl Kennedy (and even Paul Robinson!) Izzy is a nostalgic Erinsborough character we’ll never forget, and nor will the actress who played her.

“I have so many memories of my time on the show, working with such brilliant actors and mentors,” Natalie mused at the 62nd TV WEEK Logie Awards, the final awards before the soap came to an end.

“Having learnt so much about the craft has really set me up for all that I have done since.”

To mark the end of Neighbours after nearly four decades on air, we’ve compiled Izzy’s best moments.

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One of Izzy’s greatest ongoing storylines was her tumultuous love affair with Dr Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher.) Their romance started when Izzy moved in with Karl after he broke up with his wife Susan (Jackie Woodburne).

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Izzy fell pregnant and claimed Karl was the father of her unborn baby, when it was actually Gus Cleary’s (Ben Barrack). But their relationship ended when Izzy suffered a miscarriage.

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Izzy then formed a relationship with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

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Izzy’s life took another dramatic turn when Darcy Tyler (Mark Raffety) discovered that her pregnancy dates didn’t add up and he threatened to tell Karl.

Izzy tried to pay him off, but he refused to take any money. During their confrontation, Darcy fell down a flight of stairs and ended up in a coma. When he awoke, he played mind games with Izzy.

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After finding out Izzy’s baby wasn’t his, Karl kicked her out and she disappeared, leaving Paul under suspicion for her murder.

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After an affair with Ned Parker, Izzy reconciled with Paul and the pair moved in together. However, their relationship declined when Paul was caught cheating on her, prompting Izzy to end their romance.

Cue yet another love triangle! Although Izzy claimed to have never stopped loving Paul, she tried to get back with Karl, who had no interest as he was trying to get back together with Susan.

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But in another dramatic twist, Izzy fell pregnant again – and this time the baby was actually Karl’s! The saga started after Karl, drugged up on sleeping medication, slept with Izzy believing he was with Susan.

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A pregnant Izzy eventually wanted to put her time in Erinsborough behind her. She moved to London where she began an affair with Pete Gartside.

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…But her happily after wasn’t meant to be! While visiting their son in London, Karl and Susan met up with Izzy.

During their visit, Izzy went into labour and Karl was forced to deliver her daughter, Holly. However, Susan later overheard Izzy saying that Karl is Holly’s father. Talk about dramatic!

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Just when Izzy’s run on Neighbours couldn’t have gotten more dramatic, she returned briefly in 2018. Upon returning to Ramsay St, Izzy admitted she stole Karl’s sperm from hospital and used it to try to get pregnant.

However, a pregnancy test soon revealed she wasn’t pregnant. After causing more chaos in Erinsborough, Izzy ultimately decided to leave town for good.

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