Jacqui Purvis says she has dreams of being the ”Australian Tom Cruise”

The Home and Away actress is looking to a career in Hollywood action movies....
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Forget Summer Bay, Home and Away star Jacqui Purvis has set her sights on Hollywood, in fact, she’s unveiled her daredevil streak and desire to star in ‘Bond girl’ esque scenes, even opening up about her dreams to be an ”Australian Tom Cruise.”

The blonde bombshell says that whilst viewers can expect a ”fiery return” to Home and Away when the new season begins airing in the coming weeks, there is plenty more action bubbling away behind the scenes.

In the 2022 season finale, Jacqui’s character Felicity was engulfed in flames following an ill-fated car crash whilst on the way to her wedding to Tane Parata.

”We’re going for Bond girl,” Jacqui said.

Will this gorgeous couple ever get to live happily ever after?

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”We had fire bars all around the car. The gas went, and all of the flames came up around me. It was amazing because I didn’t really need to act. It was quite scary, I could feel the heat.”

Jacqui also said shooting the scenes, that audiences are about to see, was ‘the best shooting experience’ of her life.

“It was the biggest shoot I’ve ever done because there [were] stunts, [it was] action-packed, and it was just so much fun.”

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But the action doesn’t stop there. Jacqui says that she hopes writers run with some of her ”bucket list” ideas.

”I love action, and if I can ever do my own stunts, I’m always like: ”Absolutely, bring it on,” the actress said.

”How cool is it having a job where you can do all these things that you never do in everyday life? You get to do it and live it/ And also just come home and be normal, sit on the couch and eat chocolate.”

Already on her dream action scenes to shoot list for 2023 is a car chase, an underwater drowning scare and even a big fall.

The season premiere will be nothing short of action packed…

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But despite her big dreams of being an action star, Jacqui says that the mental aspects of her character are just as challenging, especially the trauma her character experiences post car crash.

”Felicity will be trying to cope with the aftermath of the crash in a way that’s not the best choice, and is quite detrimental to her.

”There’s definitely a chance that someone could die. And the audience is gonna be on the edge of their seats to find out if and who.

”It’s action-packed, there is chaos, there’s so much going on…she’s on her way to what should be the happiest day of someone’s life.

”Either way, [fans are] going to be shocked and sad, but you have to watch to find out.”

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