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Home And Away shock betrayal as Tane shares a forbidden kiss with Mac

What will Ziggy think?

By Stephen Downie
This is the image that will leave Home And Away fans shocked to the core this week: Mac and Tane kissing passionately!
But is their illicit lip-lock a case of lust run wild – or is there more to the steamy smooch than meets the eye?
Mac (Emily Weir) has been on a downward spiral ever since she lost her former lover Ari's (Rob Kipa-Williams) baby.
Two hospital visits – one of which left her fighting for her life – have taken a toll on the once bubbly young woman.
Before Tane knows what's going on... Seven Network
According to Emily, Mac is acting out due to "the pain and trauma of having an ectopic pregnancy, breaking up with Ari (a man she loves) and facing the truth – which is the fact that this is not what she had envisioned for herself at this stage of her life".
Feeling desperately sad and alone, Mac has attempted to numb her pain with booze. And this week, her behaviour becomes ever more reckless.
An afternoon drinking session with Jasmine (Sam Frost) leads to a sloshed Mac showing up on Tane's (Ethan Browne) doorstep, demanding to see his brother Ari, who isn't home.
Taking matters into his own hands, Tane decides to escort Mac to her own place.
Before he knows it, Mac's pulled him in for a big pash! Seven Network
But no sooner is she in the door, that hot mess Mac is trying it on with Tane. She curls her arms around his back and plants a kiss on his lips before he knows what's happening.
"Mac is seeking validation of being desired," Emily explains. "Ari leaving her made her feel completely unloveable – and she knows Tane has always had a soft spot for her.
"So, to distract herself – and seek revenge on her ex, Ari – she acts 
out while drunk."
She may be heavily intoxicated, 
but surely Mac knows what she's 
done has crossed a big line?
"Initially, Mac doesn't regret her actions," Emily reveals.
"She keeps pushing away everyone she loves, so to admit she's wrong would mean she would have to change her behaviour, and she's not yet ready to confront herself."
Tane's girlfriend – and Mac's close friend – Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) will be furious when she finds out about this.
But Mac's not done with a drunken pash, urging Tane to jump into the sack with her. But will he go that far?

Dean's confession: "I still love you"

Dean drops a bombshell this week, telling a gobsmacked Ziggy he's still in love with her.
How will she respond – and what will it mean for her relationship with Tane?
Dean (Patrick O'Connor), Amber (Maddy Jevic) and their son Jai (River Jarvis) have seemed the picture of family bliss. But Dean shatters the portrait when he tells Amber they don't have a future. Why? Because Ziggy is who he really wants.When Ziggy hears Amber and Jai have left the Bay, she finds Dean and presses him for details. And Dean spills the beans: they left because of her.
Ziggy appears happy with Tane but when Dean shares his confession, she's rocked. Seven Network
"Dean's still in love with Ziggy," Patrick, 28, reveals to TV WEEK. "She's the love of his life and he still holds on to that idea."
But while Ziggy is seemingly happy in her relationship with Tane – the pair this week declaring their love for each other – she curiously fails to tell him what Dean said to her.
Ziggy clearly has plenty to think about right now…

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