Home and Away

Who to choose? Home And Away’s love triangle is about to come to an explosive head

Caught in the middle.

By Tamara Cullen
The love triangle between Mackenzie and brothers Ari and Tane continues to cause problems this week, with the trio struggling to live under one roof. And it's about to end in tears…
In Home And Away, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) can sense the tension between his girlfriend Mac (Emily Weir) and Tane (Ethan Browne), but has no idea it's because they have feelings for each other.
"Mackenzie realises she's attracted to Tane and is confused by it," Emily tells TV WEEK. "But she's sleeping with his brother! It's complicated."
Mackenzie can't squash her attraction to Tane. (Channel Seven)
Tane decides to speak to Mac, revealing that he's struggling to be himself around her – living in close proximity is too hard. Mac pushes back, hoping he'll admit his feelings, but Tane retorts that they'll never be friends: either she leaves or he will.
"It's fascinating to play out love-triangle stories, as they're so complex and layered," Emily says.
"As humans, we can change our minds so quickly about what we want. To find all of the nuance and reasoning behind Mac's decisions is wonderful. Attraction and love is hard in life, but ever so fun to play out as an actor!"
The following day, when Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) reveals she and Dean (Patrick O'Connor) have broken up, Mac realises she has a way out that will simplify the situation. The friends decide to move in together.
Mackenzie's caught in the middle. (Bauer/Phillip Castleton)
Returning home, she plans to announce that she's going to live with Ziggy – but Ari gets in first, asking her to move in permanently!
Mac asks for time to think, but over the next few days, Ari's patience wears thin. He's fully committed to this relationship – is she?
"Ari has always appealed to Mac because he seems drama-free," Emily says. "She's craving simplicity and wanted to avoid complicated!" [Laughs]
The following morning, Ari wakes to find Mac packing her bags. With little explanation as to why she's leaving, Ari turns his anger on Tane – but again, he's left with no answers.
His suspicions alerted, Ari's mind races with possibilities. Eventually, he finds Mac at the farmhouse and delivers a final ultimatum: in or out?

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