Home and Away

Ziggy and Tane set Summer Bay tongues wagging as Home And Away’s hottest new couple

''There’s chemistry between them.''

By Tamara Cullen
Despite several attempts to start afresh, Tane's life is one dodgy deal after another. But this time, he's caught red-handed.
In Home And Away, Tane (Ethan Browne) decides to resign his position at Salt. He simply can't bear to be around Mac (Emily Weir), the pair refusing to acknowledge their feelings. Only now, he's out of a job and out of pocket.
Mac is furious and shares her anguish with friend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman).
The mechanic lets her friend vent, but is quietly confident she's found someone to help at the garage. Ziggy offers the position to Tane, who accepts.
Ziggy offers Tane a job. (Channel Seven)
"Ziggy feels bad for Tane. She's aware of the situation with him and Mac, so offers to help him," Ethan Brown tells TV WEEK.
"She's the kind of person who would give someone a fair shot without judgement of their past. She's also in a pickle with the garage and Justin being out of action, so she could do with some help."
The pair grab a drink at Salt to celebrate, crossing paths with Amber (Maddy Jevic) and Dean (Patrick O'Connor) on the way in.
Ziggy tries to make small-talk with her ex-boyfriend, but Dean blows her off. Amber chases after him, but not before suggesting that Ziggy refrain from flaunting her date with Tane in his face!
Ziggy's trying to move on from her relationship with Dean. (Channel Seven)
Ziggy is both embarrassed and stunned by her assumption.
The next day, she heads off early to the garage in preparation for Tane's first day. Along the way, she passes Willow (Sarah Roberts), who saw them at Salt together and cheekily suggests they're dating.
Ziggy scoffs at the idea… why do people keep saying that?
"Of course, there's chemistry between them," Ethan says. "Tane sees Ziggy as super-fun and non-judgemental. He feels at ease with her."
Ziggy puts Tane straight to work. He isn't a qualified mechanic, but happily helps with oil changes, administration and general cleaning… until his brother Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) arrives with pizza.
Ziggy puts Tane straight to work. (Channel Seven)
It's meant to be a kind gesture to mend fences, but Tane assumes he's being checked up on and asks him to leave. Soon after, Tane flies into a rage. He doesn't remember the fun person he used to be…
A sympathetic Ziggy extends his duties and hands him the keys to lock up.
That night, however, Tane returns to the garage with a van full of stolen goods.
"To make himself feel in control of his life again, he reverts back to his criminal ways," Ethan says of Tane's behaviour.
Tane intends to move the van in the early hours – but is left in the lurch when his buyer pulls out. He scrambles to make other plans, not realising Ziggy is standing there…
The horror is written all over her face as she discovers what he's done. What will Ziggy do next?

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