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EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away's four newest cast members reveal how they got their start in Summer Bay

''It feels like a dream come true.''

By Tamara Cullen
With many Home and Away favourites leaving Summer Bay this year, it's made way for four brand new new cast members to join the show.
The latest characters arrived in the Bay last week as part of a fictional band called Lyrik.
Keep reading to get to know Home and Away's newest cast members, Rob Mallet, Angelina Thomson, Adam Rowland and Stephanie Panozzo.
Stephanie Panozzo plays Eden. (Image: Seven)

Stephanie Panozzo

Welcome to Summer Bay! How does it feel to be part of the show?
It feels like a dream come true. To be able to do what I love everyday feels like such a blessing - and on such an icon Australian show too! I grew up watching the show and loved it! My sister and I would watch The Simpsons at 6pm then Neighbours at 6.30pm and then Home and Away at 7pm every night.
Which Home and Away character have you loved watching through the years?
Back in the day, my favourite characters was Vinnie Patterson [Ryan Kwanten], as well as the Belle Taylor [Jessica Tovey] and Aden Jefferies [Todd Lasance] storyline.
Tell us about your character Eden…
Eden is a wild child, full of fire and fun. She is fiercely loyal, speaks her mind and her greatest loves are music and her friends and family.
What do you get up to away from the set?
I love running, yoga, making music, hanging with my mates, reading books, going for hikes, beach trips, eating food. I FaceTime with friends and family back in Melbourne, too.
Rob Mallet plays Bob. (Image: Seven)

Rob Mallet

Congratulations on your role as Bob. What can you tell us about him?
Bob is wants it all; fame, glory, and artistic integrity.
You've done a lot of theater. How different do you find TV, and Home and Away in particular?
The main difference I've found moving between theatre and TV is there aren't two thousand people standing and clapping for you when you finish a day's work on set. The fundamentals of storytelling stay the same, the stage craft is different because your audience is a camera lens only a few feet away.
What do you get up to in your spare time?
I'm from the county originally so away from work you'll find me trying to bust out of the city and get back to the bush. I love travelling back to my home state of Tasmania, and generally getting into nature wherever I am.
What are you watching on TV? Which actors do you look up to?
I've got an eclectic TV watching pattern. I like everything from Grand Designs to Ozark… speaking of which, Jason Bateman can do no wrong in my book.
Angelina Thomson plays Kirby. (Image: Seven)

Angelina Thomson

Welcome to the show! You have a background in music, opera and theatre. How different is this experience?
Although there are many differences, I have learnt there are also so many similarities where my theatre training has come very useful on set! I think most actors are open to go into TV. Being versatile is the best way to keep learning, creating, evolving and staying in work.
Does your musical background help to portray your character Kirby?
For sure! I grew up playing violin and saxophone, was in my school Funk Band and studied Music Theatre, which all helped big time. Also, being Polynesian, music is a massive part of my culture.
Describe Kirby…
In a sense, she is like the ocean... wild, passionate, playful, creative, effervescent and simultaneously calm and loving.
Who have you bonded with on set?
The band as a whole have grown very close as we got to enter this exciting world of Home and Away together! It feels like we were all paddling and caught a party wave with one another! I also love working with Ethan Browne (who plays Tane Parata). Whenever we see each other at work, we greet one another in Māori or Cook Island Māori which is so very special to me!

Adam Rowland

Congratulations on the role. When did you find out that you got the job?
I had just started my shift at a pub and was pouring pints when my phone rang with the news. I was excited and slightly daunted by the fact that my life was about to change. I grabbed my guitar, packed a suitcase and was calling Sydney home three days later. What a ride.
You were once a keen footballer. What made you turn to the arts?
Whilst at Uni and still playing footy I realised I hadn't been playing music live for some time and really missed the performance element in my life. So, I decided to go and try some acting classes at my local theatre back. I was hooked by the storytelling and I wanted to pursue it seriously. So, after backpacking Europe I moved to Melbourne and swapped the Sherrin for Stanislavsky.
Describe your character Remi…
Remi Carter is the quintessential Australian larrikin. He enjoys a good time and stirring the pot but is loyal to his friends and family.
Which actors do you look up to?
As an Aussie actor I've always admired Joel Edgerton and the body of work he's created.
Adam Rowland plays Remi. (Image: Seven)

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