Home and Away

It's a Home and Away two-part drama! Ethan Browne gets his revenge on Kawakawa Fox-Reo after a brutal prank causes chaos on set

But who came out on top?

By Faye Couros
The saying "boys will be boys" is alive and well on the Home and Away set.
This notion has been made clear through new behind-the-scenes videos from Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Ethan Browne.
So, what are the shenanigans in question? Well, get ready because this on set drama is a two-part episode.
In the first video, Kawa, holding a square piece of cheese, quickly walks up to the couch where Ethan has perched himself for a mid-work nap
It takes mere seconds for Kawa to throw the bit of food onto his co-star's face, and Ethan's reaction is nothing short of amazing.
At first, it takes him a second to recognise what has just happened to him, and when the actor finally processes that cheese had been thrown on him, he couldn't wipe the smile from his face.
The video was the afternoon pick-me-up we needed, but little did unsuspecting fans realise that a revenge video was on its way.
Ethan planned his attack a few hours later, and the prank is even funnier the second time.
Ethan is holding the camera as he walks while holding a slice of wholemeal bread, and he captioned the video, "Eye for an eye mudda fugga."
Watch Kawa sneak attack Ethan with cheese below.
The ominous saying aids the tension in the video, and the viewer can feel the excitement building as we anticipate the avenging move.
In the background, there is some light chatting, which is the perfect distraction from Ethan's footsteps.
In the meantime, Kawa is reclined on a set couch while he minds his own business, and he's blissfully unaware of the attacker seeking his revenge.
Finally, Ethan gets into position and slaps the piece of bread over Kawa, who looks up to make sense of what's just happened to him.
Once he quickly realises what's just occurred, Kawa's smile shifts from confused to a knowing grin.
Watch Ethan exact his revenge on Kawa below.
The boys have always had a banter-filled relationship which they show off on their Instagrams.
In April, Ethan posted a photo from on set with Kawa with a cheeky caption designed to poke fun at his buddy.

He wrote, "This fullah talking kaka again."
If Ethan's face is anything to go by, he was seriously baffled by whatever his mate was telling him.

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