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Home and Away scenes intensify as Jasmine lashes out towards one of her longtime friends

Baby Grace sparks an unexpected clash between Jasmine and her close pal.

By TV Week team
Battle lines are drawn between two best friends this week as Jasmine continues to cause problems for the Morgan family on Home and Away this week.
And if she's not careful, her destructive behaviour will cost more than just her friendship with Tori.
Jasmine (Sam Frost) remains cold towards those around her, including Irene (Lynne McGranger), who has tried to keep the peace.
But the nurse is stubbornly determined to take baby Grace away from her "harmful" mother Tori (Penny McNamee).
At the same time, her online persona in a mother's group has been exposed after Willow (Sarah Roberts) caught her writing about Tori.
It's only a matter of time before it all comes to a head…
Jasmine is determine to take baby Grace away from her "harmful" mother, Tori. (Channel Seven)
The tension deepens this week when Tori receives marketing material for the new mother-and-daughter classes at the gym featuring a photo of Jasmine and baby Grace.
Fed up, she asks policeman Colby (Tim Franklin) for help.
"Tori is deeply concerned about Jasmine's obsession with Grace, but she doesn't want to get the police involved," Penny, 37, tells TV WEEK.
"She sees Colby as a safe person to speak to. He can offer Tori professional advice, but he also cares deeply for Jasmine."
Colby still cares for Jasmine, and tries to intervene. (Channel Seven)
Colby does his best to remove himself from his policeman persona and kindly asks that Jasmine remove the photos.
Of course, this only spurs her to take on Tori, leading to a fiery confrontation at the surf club.
Tori's brother Justin (James Stewart) is horrified by Jasmine's accusations and warns her to back off, while Tori tries to keep baby Grace at a distance.
Justin is forced to step in as the commotion continues. (Channel Seven)
Hearing the commotion from the gym, Willow and Colby race out to stop the clash – but it's too late.
As Colby pulls Jasmine away from the Morgans, she strikes him across the face, leaving him with bloody scratches on his cheek.
Then, Willow blurts out her friend's online secret, leaving Tori shaken by everything that's unfolded.
"Finding out that Jasmine has been posing as Grace's mother, she realises the extent of the terrible head space Jasmine is in," Penny explains.
"Jasmine isn't coping after Robbo's death and then suffering a phantom pregnancy. Tori feels so sad for her, but equally needs to protect herself and Grace from Jasmine's erratic behaviour."
With Colby caught in the crossfire, has it gone too far this time? (Channel Seven)

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