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Is it time to go? Home & Away's Jasmine is faced with her toughest decision yet

New beginnings are on the horizon.

By TV Week team
Home and Away favourite Jasmine has felt the weight of the world on her shoulders of late. And this week, she ponders the thought of a fresh start outside of Summer Bay.
In recent episodes, Jasmine (Sam Frost) has been plagued with the news of her phantom pregnancy.
After discovering she was never pregnant, Jasmine crumbled.
Then, after too many drinks, she found herself back in the arms of ex-boyfriend Colby (Tim Franklin). The pair were celebrating his recent divorce, which led to a surprise kiss.
However, the following morning the couple feel more humiliated than ever and Colby tries to let her down easy.
The turn of events, compounded with her grief, has left her feeling empty and with no one to turn to.
At the gym, Tori (Penny McNamee) apologises to Jasmine for keeping her distance with baby Grace.
The two friends recently exchanged heated words after Jasmine lied to Marilyn (Emily Symons) and took baby Grace to babysit.
Marilyn, under the impression she was caring for the youngster, then revealed Jasmine's abrupt actions to Tori.
"Jasmine feels she has lost Robbo completely – she has no connection left to him after the pregnancy," Sam tells TV WEEK.
"That's why moving forward she becomes so obsessed with Grace."
Jasmine and Tori have an frank discussion. (Channel Seven)
Jasmine acknowledges Tori is the baby's mother and even apologises to Marilyn for her behaviour, but she feels lost.
After much contemplation, she tells Tori that it's time for her to leave town.
There's nothing left for her in Summer Bay.
Is it time to say goodbye?

Ben and Maggie's separate lives

Family means the world to Ziggy. But this week, her own is falling apart.
After blitzing her mechanics exam, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) returns home to have her good mood thoroughly dampened when her parents announce they're separating.
Ben (Rohan Nichol) and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) have been trying to fix their broken marriage for weeks after Maggie revealed she slept with Marco (Tim Walter) years ago.
The news hit Ben so hard that he spiralled into depression and wound up in hospital.
With no clear path to reconciliation, the couple have chosen to split.
Ziggy is stunned and despite her best efforts, the decision is final.
"How do you come back from this?" Sophie ponders to TV WEEK.
"This family have been through so much."
As the days pass, Ben and Maggie continue to quarrel. Someone has to move out and their assets divided. Meanwhile, Ziggy lashes out to those around her.
Will the betrayal cause her to spiral out of control?
Is this it for Maggie and Ben? (Channel Seven)

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