Home and Away

Home and Away's unexpected twist - Jasmine flees The Bay as one of her best friends turns against her

The troubled nurse has spiralled - and things aren't getting better.

By Tamara Cullen
With her world crumbling around her, Jasmine makes the shock decision to leave Summer Bay in Home And Away this week.
But where will she go?
Things go from bad to worse for nurse Jasmine (Sam Frost) when her friend Tori (Penny McNamee) – worried about the safety of her baby Grace – has little choice but to take out an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against her.
From now on, if Jasmine wants to see Grace or come to the Morgan household, she must have Tori's permission.
It was a tough decision for Tori to make.
The doctor has tried to reason with her friend, but her erratic behaviour is putting Grace in harm's way.
Tori is at her wits end with Jasmine. (Channel Seven)
After a fiery confrontation with Jasmine at the surf club, Tori realises she needs help and asks her brother Justin (James Stewart) for advice.
He implores her to seek legal advice – but before they can, Jasmine arrives on their doorstep demanding to see Grace.
While Justin distracts Jasmine, a shaken Tori calls policeman Colby (Tim Franklin), who escorts Jasmine home.
It's then that Tori decides about the AVO.
Tori eventually decides to take out an AVO against Jasmine. (Channel Seven)
"Tori is forced to take out an AVO against Jasmine, which is heartbreaking," Penny, 37, tells TV WEEK.
"But she knows it's for the best and hopes it will shock Jasmine into getting the help she needs."
Unfortunately, the measure has the opposite effect, causing Jasmine to lash out and cut ties to her life in Summer Bay.
Meanwhile, Tori is riddled with guilt over her decision. Has she made everything worse?
Jasmine looks to leave The Bay altogether. (Channel Seven)
"Tori is forced to exile Jasmine from her and Grace's life, and it honestly breaks her heart," Penny explains.
"She desperately wants to help Jasmine through this time, but she knows she can't be the one to do it."
The next day, as Tori ponders her next steps in helping Jasmine, Irene (Lynne McGranger) calls.
She's found a note in Jasmine's room declaring that she's left town – for good. It's too late!

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