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Love, loyalty and last breaths: The first teaser for Home And Away’s finale is here, and we’re already on the edge of our seats

Is this the end for one of our favourites?

By Maddison Hockey
It's the moment weeks of Summer Bay drama has been building too, the Home And Away finale is almost here and the first tantalising trailer has officially dropped.
Fans are sure to be gripping their couch cushions as the final episodes for this year are teasing robbery, romance and the death of one beloved character.
We're dissecting every little detail below in anticipation of what's to come.
WATCH IN THE PLAYER ABOVE: The explosive new trailer for the Home And Away season finale
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The Paratas are set to pay

Why is it the handsome ones always cause the most problems?
Tane has landed his family and friends in some serious trouble recently thanks to his dodgy dealings.
After Ziggy and Willow disposed of a van containing $25K worth of illicit drugs, Tane was forced to pay that money out to dangerous gang leader Leon himself.
The mishap has landed Tane in the bad books with the wrong people, and it looks like the ordeal is far from over.
The family came face-to-face with the gang recently. (Channel Seven)
"You're talking about an armed robbery," Tane says to his brother Ari in the new trailer as he vows he won't "lose him too."
Fans know all too well how tragically a run-in with a dangerous gang can be following last year's shock finale with the hospital siege, which claimed Mason's life and then Robbo's at the start of this year.

Steamy summer romance

Tension has been building between Tane and Ziggy for weeks, but the question remains – will they or won't they?
Ziggy's been torn between her growing feelings for her dreamy co-worker and her ex-boyfriend Dean, and the decision it seems, will all come down to her.
The look says it all. (Channel Seven)
"I love you, nothing will ever change that," Dean tells Ziggy before it cuts to the blonde mechanic telling Tane: "He thinks that I'm into you."
Tane gives Ziggy a deep goosebump-inducing look as tension hangs in the air. We're officially screaming at our TVs – just kiss her already!

Colby's deadly demise

They say snitches get stitches in prison, so we can't even begin to imagine what's coming for an ex-police officer.
We're terrified we're about to find out as Colby tries to survive behind bars following his conviction for murdering Ross.
"Do you have any idea what happens to cops in there?" Dean says before Bella's seen claiming: "He's going to die in there."
Look out Colby! (Channel Seven)
An unidentified and menacing voice tells Colby, "You thought you'd get away with it Constable Thorne," as we see the ex-police officer slowly surrounded by inmates in the jail yard.
The words "any day could be their last" flashes across the screen, and it feels like the writing it is on the (prison) wall.

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