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Summer Bay is in disarray this week as the Parata family fights a dangerous gang and Colby’s arrested!

''Tane’s life is in real danger.''

By Tamara Cullen
Tane barely survived being attacked by a ruthless gang of thugs. But these crims aren't done yet and plan to return to finish the job…
In recent episodes of Home And Away, Tane (Ethan Browne), broke and unhappy, got in deep with the wrong people by hiding stolen goods in the local garage to make a quick buck – only to later learn that Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who discovered his secret, had enlisted Willow's (Sarah Roberts) help to get rid of it.
Unfortunately, the van also contained $25,000 worth of illicit drugs. Now, gang leader Leon (Will McNeill) is demanding the debt be paid in full… or else.
This quick job has been anything but. (Channel Seven)
"Tane's life is in real danger," Ethan tells TV WEEK. "He just wanted to do a quick job and be done, but that doesn't turn out to be the case."
Tane, who has discharged himself from hospital despite his injuries, races to get his family to safety. He intercepts Ziggy on the beach and they hatch a plan to get the van back.
They have no choice – Tane knows what Leon is capable of and won't put his brother Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) or nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) in danger.
He also tells Ziggy to keep a low profile, as he doesn't want her to become a target for the baddies either.
But is it that easy?
"Tane is very protective of Ziggy and tries to keep her out of the situation as much as he can so she doesn't get hurt," Ethan explains. "He also wants to keep Ari in the dark, if he can."
"Tane is very protective of Ziggy," Ethan says. (Channel Seven)
Nikau reluctantly agrees to move back to New Zealand, but getting Ari to safety proves more difficult. Eventually, Tane confesses the truth and, to his surprise, Ari vows to help.
The following day, the brothers are caught off-guard when Leon and his crew arrive on their doorstep. Ari attempts to make peace – until one of the men makes a move on Tane. They're outnumbered, but the fight is on as the brothers fly into action.
"Tane didn't foresee things getting so out of hand that the whole family would be in danger, but Leon and his thugs came back to settle the score," Ethan says.
How will the boys get out of this? (Channel Seven)
Watching in horror are Mac (Emily Weir) Bella (Courtney Miller) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) as Nikau races out to help his family.
Mac races to phone the police, who descend upon the chaos in a matter of moments. Leon and his thugs attempt to flee, but it's too late. The crims, as well as Ari and Tane, are handcuffed and taken to the station.
Will this be the nail in the coffin for the troubled Parata boys?

Colby's shock arrest!

Summer Bay will be sent into a spin this week when detective Angelo arrests Colby for the murder of Ross Nixon.
But how did Angelo know it was him?
Policeman Colby (Tim Franklin) has been playing cat-and-mouse with Angelo (Luke Jacobz) since his arrival in town, even having an affair with his wife, Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) to try to obtain vital information.
Colby's been playing a dangerous game. (Channel Seven)
But Taylor has proven to be more than just a fling and, even after Angelo found out about their illicit affair, she refused to turn on Colby.
This week, Colby prepares to farewell his sister Bella (Courtney Miller), who has decided to move to New Zealand with Nikau. Despite their recent sparring, Colby knows the move is
for the best and agrees to meet her at the Diner for a last meal.
Unfortunately, he gets more than he anticipated when Angelo arrives, with Taylor in tow, to arrest him for murder.
Angelo finally makes his move! (Channel Seven)
Shocked locals watch as Colby is cuffed and taken to the station.
There, he's stripped of his uniform, taken for mug shots and dragged into a cell – but not before Angelo drops a snide remark about his "star witness" coming forward to finally put him behind bars.
Colby's head is swirling…who was it who betrayed him?

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