Home and Away

Home & Away's Angelo prepares to spring a trap for Colby in tense scenes this week

The Summer Bay local is about to make a startling discovery.

By TV Week team
Nothing will stop Angelo from bringing a killer to justice – but what if the man you suspect is also sleeping with your wife?
This week, his vow for justice becomes a personal vendetta when he makes a startling discovery.
In Home and Away, Angelo (Luke Jacobz) continues to mull over his latest interactions with wife Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson), who seems to know more about the case than she should. Not only that, but she defends Colby (Tim Franklin) at every turn.
Until now, Angelo believed the pair barely knew each other… but perhaps he was wrong.
At the police station, the detective clocks the pair in an awkward exchange and resolves to find out the truth. When Taylor isn't watching, he checks her call history – but all calls and messages have been deleted, further confirming his suspicions.
Angelo delves further and uses police resources to uncover her previous calls – one of which appears numerous times.
To his shock, the call comes from within the police station – and Colby answers!
Angelo delves further into the mystery surrounding his wife and Colby. (Channel Seven)
Devastated by his wife's betrayal, Angelo puts a plan into motion. He hopes it will expose the couple's affair, and put Colby behind bars… Is this the beginning of the end?
Later that day, Angelo tells Taylor he has a witness who will confirm Colby is Ross' (Justin Wozniak) killer. She instantly falls for his ruse and races off to find Colby.
Angelo proceeds to follow the pair and catches them kissing on camera.
Colby and Angelo's wife are hiding something. (Channel Seven)
But his mind games aren't finished yet. The following morning, Angelo surprises Taylor with a necklace – it's an apology gift for being so occupied with the case.
For a moment, Taylor questions where his generosity has sprung from, but chooses to accept the kind gesture.Unbeknown to her however, the necklace is fitted with a listening device – Angelo has just set a trap that could bring them both down.
Will they fall for it?

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