Home And Away’s mystery death sends shock waves through Summer Bay as the body is identified

And police launch their probe into what happened.
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This is the image that will have every Home And Away fan perched nervously on their edge of the lounges.

We learn the identity of the body in the Bay – and the ensuing police investigation will rock the beachside community to its core.

As TV WEEK revealed last week, the body is a well-known identity and one of four people – Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Justin (James Stewart), Susie (Bridie Carter) or Mac (Emily Weir).

Who could it be? A body is retrieved.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

We pick things up at the hospital, where Stephen (Bren Foster) is being patched up after he was viciously attack by drug-addled Justin.

“Justin has become so unpredictable,” James, 45, says.

All Justin can think about is his next painkiller fix and, as Jimmy says, “it doesn’t matter if the drugs come from a doctor or a dealer”.

His path to self-destruction worries sister, Tori (Penny McNamee) who faces the town’s new police officer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright).

Tori has lots of questions about her brother Justin.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

Justin’s terrified partner Leah has been pre-occupied tracking fraudster Susie (Bridie Carter) to focus on Justin’s addiction. But there is no denying the truth – either Leah or Susie could be in the body bag.

Meanwhile, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is desperate to find half-sister Mac (Emily Weir), who went missing after watching a video of herself playing the drunken fool at a party.

“Mac was completely horrified at the way she was acting,” Emily, 29, says.

“She was in a lot of emotional pain and when that pain went unresolved it led her to push away and hurt the people she loved.”

Cop Cash is busy keeping Dean at bay.

(Credit: Channel Seven)

The residents of the Bay huddle around a cordoned-off police area as police retrieve the body.

Dean rushes down to the police tape – but is stopped dead in his tracks by Cash. Could Mac be dead?

As the town reels once the body is identified, newcomer Cash must start asking the tough questions…

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