Home And Away spoilers: Felicity’s mystery attacker sends her an ominous ultimatum

'Pay up or else'.
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Try as she might to move on from her trauma of being drugged and sexually assaulted, Felicity faces an additional nightmare in Home And Away this week: blackmail.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) receives a mystery text demanding she pay $1000 to her assailant or the video of her sexual assault will go viral.

Felicity is being blackmailed!

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Sickened at the thought, she races home to husband Tane (Ethan Browne) and deliberates what to do.

Tane’s instinct is to call the police, specifically Flick’s brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), who has been investigating the case. But she doesn’t want to involve him.

“She can’t bring herself to do it,” Jacqui tells TV WEEK, adding that the stress of her ordeal is fracturing her relationship with Tane.

Tate wants to call the police.

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“These two people are trying to work their way through trauma, but can’t seem to find each other on the same page,” she explains. “It’s a strain and it’s tough.”

Cash may find out anyway when Xander (Luke Van Os) lets slip that Flick fled Salt after receiving a text. He probes Tane for answers, who squirms uncomfortably. Meanwhile, Flick chooses to ignore the texts – but for how long?

It’s only been a few weeks since someone spiked Flick’s drink and assaulted her at the Battle Of The Bands concert. With some therapy, she was starting to put the incident behind her, but now she’s back where she started, perhaps even more fearful.

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“At first, it’s hard [to open up],” Jacqui says. “She has to accept the attack and talk about it in depth [in therapy], which is traumatic once again, so it’s a tough thing to do.

“She’s so brave to go through it. And once she understands how beneficial it is to talk about it, she embraces it fully.”

What will Flick choose to do – pay up or fight back?

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