Home And Away newcomer Nicholas Cartwright crashed a car on his first day of filming

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We all want to make a good impression on our first day at a new job.

Well, Home And Away newcomer, Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Summer Bay’s new cop, Cash, definitely made a big impression.

Whether it was good, however, is up for debate after the 33-year-old revealed he crashed a car while filming, on, you guessed it, his very first day.

That’s one way to make yourself memorable.

(Credit: Seven.)

“I crashed the cop car really badly,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“In the scene I jump out of the car I’ve got my hand on my pistol and there’s a scenario inside the building. But I hear the crew start to freak out..”

“I got out of the car and left the thing in drive. I’ve completely spaced it.”

Luckily, the cast haven’t held it against him… much.

(Credit: Instagram)

Nick then had to channel his inner stunt man and pull a dangerous move to try and stop what was about to happen.

“I’ve jumped back in through the window with my legs dangling out to crank the handbrake, but it’s one of those fancy new cars with the button handbrake, so I sat there with my legs flailing out the window until we hit the wall.”

Luckily for the hunky new cop all seems to have been forgiven. The cast of the show celebrated Nick’s on-screen debut last week with glowing praise.

Sam Frost shared this sweet message.

(Credit: Instagram)

“Tonight we welcome this legend @nicholas_cartwright to Summer Bay Nic is honestly such a breath of fresh air,” Sam, who plays Jasmine on the show, began.

“He’s such a selfless and generous actor, and he has an epic sense of humour.”

“We only communicate via memes, which is how it should be. We adore you,” she concluded.

Nick also revealed he’s been given an apt new nickname thanks to the incident: “Crash Newman.”

WATCH BELOW: Ethan Brown And Nicholas Cartwright hanging out

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