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In an effort to put her trauma behind her, Felicity decides to throw a spontaneous party in Home and Away this week.

But in doing so, she takes her secret drinking to the next level. Will she harm herself even more?

Before the festivities begin, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is caught by surprise when husband-to-be Tane (Ethan Browne) suggests they get back on track with their wedding. After a car crash wrecked their special day late last year, he’s keen to make it happen.

Felicity, however, isn’t over the trauma. But instead of dealing with it, she’s turned to alcohol – which Tane seemingly hasn’t noticed. Although he’s picked up on her hesitation to resume their plans, he’s still hopeful.

Everyone at the party is shocked to see the state Felicity is in.

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”Flick survived the crash, but the dust has settled, and the emotional trauma hits her,” Jacqui says.

”She uses alcohol to numb the guilt and grief – she feels she’s the cause of the crash.”

At Salt, Felicity wallows with her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), who’s feeling just as dejected. His girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) has finally woken from her coma but can’t remember Cash at all.

After a few drinks, Felicity perks up and suggests they throw a spontaneous party to feel good.

Tane hasn’t realised that Felicity has been struggling since her accident and drinking on the sly.

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The next day, Tane arrives home to chaos: there are people in the pool, a DJ is blaring music and Felicity is very drunk. But she shows no remorse for the wild events, telling him to loosen up!

In a booze-fuelled outburst, she tells Tane she doesn’t want to get married and storms off.

”Tane has become more protective of Flick after the crash, but it may end up dividing them,” Ethan says.

Looks like the party could be over for good…

New Love? Rose catches Mali’s eye

Rose is flattered to be asked out by a handsome stranger but why does Mali quickly change his tune?

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Life in Summer Bay is getting even brighter for Mali this week when he meets Rose. Captured by her beauty and charm when he’s surfing at the beach, he’s instantly drawn to her.

Feeling he has nothing to lose, Mali (Kyle Schilling) approaches Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and asks her out.

She’s thrown by the out of the blue overture, but can’t deny the attraction and accepts the offer.

That evening, the couple get on easily and even share a tender kiss at the end of the night. Rose can’t quite believe her luck – this could really be the start of something.

The next day, however, Mali is shocked to see Mali in uniform – he had no idea she was a cop! Any spark is quickly extinguished as he avoids her at all costs – until, by chance, they turn up at the same party.

Rose isn’t shy and confronts Mali for dodging her. What’s going on?

Also this week

Ziggy is finding being a new mum tough.

(IMAGE: Seven)

The reality of motherhood hits Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) hard this week as she struggles to bond with her daughter. From naps to feeding and everything in between, she finds her confidence faltering to the point of despair.

While new dad Dean (Patrick O’Connor) does what he can to help, nothing seems to work. Hang in there, Ziggy!

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